It is hard to admit you need support, especially after you have received a lot of support and it didn’t help you progress in the way that you had hoped.

There is a part of you that clings to the belief that you can figure it out on your own and you desperately want to figure it out on your own because that means you don’t have to invest anymore. 

You are smart and  intelligent and it’s not all that complicated.

This is true.

AND, if you could figure it out on your own, you would have figured it out by now. 

You are perfectly capable of figuring it out and competent in making it happen. 

What happens is we are blind to our own blocks and our own greatness.

You may know your limiting beliefs and have done work around releasing them. Many times what happens is, instead of being released, they become even more entrenched. You focus on what’s not working, explore the root of it, and by doing so, give it more attention, which means more power. 

The other thing is, you often don’t see what is working because you have trained yourself to see what’s wrong. This reinforces the belief that you are wrong – that there is something wrong with you. 

How do you build something grand from a belief in your brokenness? How do you see your greatness from that limited perspective?

This is why we grow more in relationship. Our mentors bring new eyes and perspective that allow us to see ourselves differently. 

The longer you go without support and the longer you go without seeing significant changes in your business, the more you stay stuck and end up strengthening your belief in your incompetence.

All of this is unnecessary.

What is required is doing the uncomfortable. Committing to getting the right support for you by working with the right mentor for you. 

What it comes down to is – what is your dream worth?

Are you willing to pursue it no matter what? No matter how uncomfortable, inconvenient, and scary it may feel? 

Are you willing to see that all the support you received before was guiding you to the right mentor – showing you what didn’t work to guide you to what will?

When you give into discouragement, you convince yourself it’s foolish to invest again as you point to your track record.

Think of Edison – what if he had given up after 50 experiments? Or if JK Rawling had given up after 10 rejections? 

If this is the thing you KNOW you are meant to do, then it doesn’t matter how many rejections you’ve received or failed attempts you’ve made, you will make it happen. 

You will see everything as guiding you to where you are meant to be vs seeing it as preventing you from succeeding. 

Your gifts will impact the world in ways you can’t even imagine. The fact that you went through trials and tribulations to bring them into realization will make them all the more valuable to both you and the world. 

It’s time to unleash them. 

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