It is easy to forget when you get caught up in keeping up – running your business, advancing your career, maintaining the home, supporting your family, engaging with friends, staying healthy. 

Life becomes a series of tasks. Joy fades. You go through the motions.

It’s like you’re waiting to live your life until that magic moment when you reach a certain level of success, the kids are out of the home, you have more time, you feel more confident, you have more experience… (the list goes on). This keeps you in a state of not being fully present for the life you are living.

You miss out on your life by living according to someone else’s standards or vision. 

When you are constantly looking ahead, you are never really here. This moment is the only moment you truly have control over. This moment determines what you contribute toward where you want to be.

The paradox is you have to be HERE in order to get THERE.

You can feel called to something more (we are naturally inclined toward growth) AND be fully IN your life.  It is when you are not in the moment that you lose sight of what you desire. Living in the future disconnects you from the power you have in this moment to create that future. 

That future already exists within you.

You desire it because you believe it will give you an experience – of happiness, fulfillment, prosperity, freedom, excitement, love, acceptance, belonging, validation, etc. The truth is you can create any and all of those experiences right now. The more you live in those experiences now, the more you create opportunities that match those experiences. 

In my creative guidance practice, I guide my clients through my transformative EVOKE process to lead them to their inner guidance, to uncover their genius, to deepen their connection with their purpose, and to live their calling with passion and prosperity. 

When you are connected to who you really are, what you are about, and what you are here to change, the world changes.

When more people are living their mission with inner security and true wealth, comparison fades away, along with shame and inner criticism.

What happens then is you live with more freedom, joy, and meaning and your impact comes from that energy of living the truth of who you are. This energy transforms your life, your relationships, and your work because you are operating from an elevated state of being.

This makes all that you are doing come into alignment so that it feels like your work is being done through you. No more forcing, hustle, or struggle. You are being guided and you take action on that guidance which opens up doors you didn’t know existed. 

This is how you are meant to function – as a vehicle for your mission. Your work then becomes your ministry. It is what you are here to do and only you can do it and the way you do it is an expression of your soul as love. 

You can chase achievements but they will leave you feeling empty when it is done to prove your worth vs express your genius.

You are meant to do work that changes you from the inside out and that, in turn, changes the world. 

I can guide you there.

If you know you want to live and work differently but aren’t sure what that looks like and are nervous about what it will require from of you, book your call with me where I will tap into my 20 years of training in psychology, communication, and spirituality to show you exactly what’s stopping you from ditching the hustle and working with more ease and joy and what you can do to shift that right away.

To your calling,


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