I started my business because I wanted to coach people on their dreams, strengths, interests, purpose, and genius because I knew that not only brought out who they really were, it also allowed them to have fun and connect with joy in their work and that made them perform even better in their work. They were more creative, innovative, enthusiastic, and passionate.

When more people are tapped into their genius and joy, this changes systems and structures, and ultimately the world. 

I wanted to coach people who wanted more, who wanted to grow and expand, who saw things differently and wanted to create change. I wanted to go deep to unlock their true genius which meant uncovering and releasing their fears so they could feel free to be their true selves and go after what they truly desired, to feel a sense of purpose and passion, and to be connected to their mission. 

I choose to live my life as an example to my nephews, nieces, and family, to live a legacy of freedom and full and free self–expression, creativity, generosity, impact, and philanthropy. To remind myself, my family, and community how much bigger life is than we realize and how much more is available to us than we allow ourselves to believe, receive, and experience.

When you do this, you see how much it benefits all of humanity, because when you are operating from purpose and inner security –  no longer seeking approval and acceptance from outside of yourself and are instead driven by your mission to change something about the world, your unique vision of what is possible — the world changes. Different decisions, choices, actions, policies, laws, events, conversations, and relationships become possible.

I am not naive. I know it will take time and I also know it can only start with each individual doing their part to change their beliefs about the world and what’s possible, holding that vision, and acting from that power instead of doubt, scarcity, and victim mentality. When you do that, you live your mission despite resistance, fear, or rejection because your mission is bigger than that.

I speak and write about relationships and your sense of self/identity, and communication. When these are not coming from a place of proving, trying to impress or uphold a certain appearance in order to give a specific perception of you, when they’re not twisted by how you think others see you or what you believe about yourself based on what others think – when you are free from that – you advance the mission within you that you are uniquely wired to create, express, and experience in the world.

Imagine instead of taking a job because it’s safe or socially acceptable, you take the job or create the job that lights you up. 

Instead of staying in an unsatisfying relationship, you choose a relationship that helps you grow.

Instead of numbing out with any number of addictions and distractions, you tune in and give yourself what you truly need. 

Instead of holding back what you think, you share it with grace and respect – no proving or convincing, simply offering a new or different perspective. People can love it or hate it, either way is ok with you

You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to have, be, say, or do what you truly desire – you give it to yourself.

You stay in the present while holding and working toward your vision for the future. As such, you stop entertaining petty fears. You know and trust that you are equipped to meet each and every challenge that comes your way and there’s nothing to do but keep your mission moving forward.

That’s why I do what I do.