The quiet in the morning is almost eerie. The morning rush of traffic is gone. It feels like you are in one of those small towns where all the main street shops have for sale signs in the windows and the life has all but bled out of what used to be the bustling, beating heart of town.

When you have passed through these types of towns from adventures past, you often wondered what happened? Where did all the people go? Why did they leave? And what about the ones who stayed? Do they not miss how alive main street used to be? 

Now it isn’t about people fleeing small towns to find work in the city. It’s people sheltering at home, doing what they can to stop the spread of this deadly virus. It feels like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. No sophisticated weapons of war needed here  – a cough or a sneeze is all it takes to potentially take you out. 

The streets are quiet. Downtowns are like ghost towns.

And now, without having to drive to and from work, to social gatherings, kids activities and events, or going on mini-adventures, that aching of your soul that you had gotten so good at running from by maintaining a too full schedule is screaming at you to pay attention. 

Now, it says, now. 

Now we have the time. You don’t have to keep running from me. You’ll never be able to outrun me anyway. 

Listen. Listen to me. Let’s do this. 

Let’s use this time to get to know each other. I know you want more yet I can tell you’re not sure what that is or what it looks like or what it will require of you. Let’s use this time to explore that, bring it to the light. We can then decide what to do and how. I must tell you, the more that is calling you won’t go back to sleep after this. You are done sleeping. The desire for more is done being dismissed and discounted. It wants to be realized and you are the only one who can do that. 

Now that the pace has slowed, you can’t run from the calling of your soul anymore. There aren’t enough distractions now and time is no longer an excuse. 

You get to decide who you are going to emerge as on the other side of this pandemic.

You know you want more. 

It’s now a matter of vision, desire, determination, and a clear actionable plan. You need part practical action, part creative dreaming and imagination, and 100% love.

You want to redesign your life but don’t know how.

You are being nudged with this feeling – I have this opportunity to recreate myself but what direction do I want to go in? I don’t want to do it alone because I know it will take too long and I would love to have a guide to help me see the way.

Introducing Your Desire Emergence Roadmap an intimate four week group experience

During the four weeks: 

  • You will get clear on who you’re going to be and how you’re going to create that and design the plan for actualizing it.
  • You will learn tools to keep you in alignment with your desires and forward momentum.
  • You will create practices to transform limiting beliefs and stay focused on where you are going, what you are creating, and who you are becoming.
  • Together, we will clarify and define your greatest vision and desire for your life and create a clear roadmap for going in that direction and bringing it into realization. 

*If you prefer to do this with one on one support that would take you through the implementation and execution of the plan, you can enroll in my one on one mentorship AND be a part of the group as a bonus for additional resources, support, and to be part of a like-minded and like-spirited community to boot!

Stop saying I want… and instead, be living and doing it.

Why now? 

Seeing hundreds of people die in one day is a real wake up call. Life can be gone in the blink of an eye and you don’t want to wait anymore. You know, now more than ever, there are no guarantees and you don’t want to die with dreams still unrealized inside of you. 

You’re tired of the excuses, tired of numbing out, going through the motions, seeking whatever distraction and dismissing your desires. You want to be awake, alive, and know that you are doing what is in tune with your values, beliefs, personality, how you work best, and what is the expression of your unique gifts. 

You want to master your emotional and energetic state and your physical, mental, and financial well being – to stop feeling like you’re caught in a pinball machine being knocked around by the various challenges of life. 

You want to feel secure in who you are even when it seems like the world is turned upside down. You want to know you have the tools and internal resolve and resources to weather any storm. 

You want to become who you meant to be, who your soul is calling you to be, and who your children, partner, family, community, and world need you to be. 

Learn more and enroll here:

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