The world is turned upside down. The things we feared – terrorism, nuclear bombs, guns – are not the things that are wreaking havoc around the globe.

What can we do in the face of such great uncertainty? When everything we thought we knew about the world is called into question? 

First, it is important to acknowledge the fear and anxiety you are feeling – not run from it, seek to numb it out, put your head in the sand and ignore it, nor dismiss it. 

It is a valid and understandable response. Can you allow yourself to sit with it with compassion instead of criticism?

This doesn’t mean you are feeding into it more. When we bring our fears out into the open, they lose some of their power over us. When can recognize how these fears make us feel and their impact on our state of being. In that place, we can then choose if we want to continue feeling that way or if we’d like to entertain other states of being.

We can have a conversation with the part of ourselves that is scared:

This is really unnerving. I can see why I would feel scared and anxious. That is a normal response to what’s happening, It’s ok. As I allow this to pass through me, I’d now like to experience feeling ok.

I’d like to open myself to feeling hopeful, to put my energy into seeing beyond this. I can look outside and see the sun warming the earth, I can hear the birds still singing, I can see the grass starting to grow again, the irises beginning to bloom. This reminds me that nature is in a constant state of regeneration and renewal. This helps me see that humanity is too.

That feels a little better. I’d like to feel more of that throughout the day. I know the more I can cultivate those feelings, the more positively I impact my mental and physical health, and the more positively I influence others. 

I appreciate the power I have to control and direct my mind to global healing and economic recovery. As I stay focused on this desire, I know I will be led to take specific actions that contribute to that outcome. 

This is a time for creativity, innovation, and a whole new level of connection – true connection to spirit, God, the universe, each other and your infinite inner power. 

To make changes on the physical plane, we must connect with the spiritual plane. This doesn’t mean we sit back and pray and meditate. Yes, prayers and meditation are powerful, yet without action, they are meaningless. We need both – a connection to spirit that drives action. 

We must tune into our intuition as we tune out from all the negativity. We must take action from a place of love and faith instead of fear and doubt.

We are all incredibly resourceful and resilient. Tune into that.

Where are you being called to take action? Who are you being called to be? Answer the call.

As you rise, you lift up all of humanity with you

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