This is your invitation to invest wisely.

Where are you investing your time and energy? This could be the work you do, the activities you engage in, and the people you interact with. 

Does it fill you up? Or does it drain you? 

If you feel drained, burned out, and run down in some area of your life, it is due to a misalignment. You are disconnected from your true source of energy – the alignment of you, your inner self,  and your higher self. 

This shows up as stress, overwhelm, confusion, low energy, job dissatisfaction, relationship struggles, body, weight, and health issues. 

All of these are signs that something is off. 

Are you willing to pay attention? Are you willing to check in instead of check out when the uncomfortable feelings surface? 

When you feel the end of the year approaching and know you want to be in a different place than you are in your career, relationship, or health, what do you do? Do you beat yourself up, criticize yourself, or numb yourself out? 

How long have you been engaging in those default behaviors? What has it gotten you? 

What would it take to complete the year in a different state of being and operating? To begin the year owning what is possible for you and already taking action on it? What would that feel like? What would your energy be like? 

You would be unstoppable. 

2020 is your year. You will bend the universe to your will instead of being bent by it. That is how powerful you are. 

This holiday, invest in you. Own your authority and take full responsibility for where you are and know you have everything you need to get where you want to go. 

I can help you with that.