What happens when you meet your true needs authentically, when you listen deeply and give yourself what you really want instead of what you think you want?

No more stress eating, overindulging, drinking one too many, bingeing on social media or Netflix, clicking BuyNow one too many times on Amazon, numbing out with any number of distractions and then feeling like crap when the buzz wears off.

When you listen deep down to the true need, you can then fill it well, which supports your growth and expansion. Instead of feeding the surface need to alleviate the discomfort, using any number of distractions yet afterward finding the need is still there, you give yourself love, support, attention, validation, and acknowledgment. You can’t get that from chocolate, alcohol, social media, or tv. It can only come from within.

When you demonstrate to yourself that you can be trusted to meet your true needs, the distractions lose their allure and you can then enjoy them for what they are – a nice pleasure that can enhance your experience instead of being used to numb yourself out. 

Then what happens is you notice that the discomfort no longer scares you. The challenging emotions and situations can now be approached with curiosity and compassion and allow you to discover the true need beneath the discomfort. You see you are equipped to meet that need well which then allows even more desires to come to you because now you trust you to support you. 

You see you won’t dismiss or discount your desires. You won’t abandon yourself when things get tough. You’ll show up even stronger for yourself and you’ll start to feel safe in expanding, progressing and succeeding in all you desire without holding back, or feeling guilty, selfish, or arrogant. 

You’ll see that being the highest level of you requires the highest levels of awareness, attention, appreciation, and care for your core self. 

In that divine environment, you reach new heights and go beyond what you dreamed possible. You experience a deep sense of purpose, inner power and security, humility, joy, and grace. 

You have found what you were truly searching for.

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