You see the world differently.

You experience the energy of people, things, and situations palpably. You crave deeper conversations about life, love, loss, and learning, none of this meaningless small talk for you. 

You are drawn to the unique and obscure. People may not fully understand what that means for you but it is your thing. Energy. Intellect. Compassion. Psychology. Quantum Leaps. Catalyzing Change. Deep Soul Healing. 

Now you want to tap into it more deeply. 

You want to fully embrace the way you see the world instead of hiding it and holding back, fearing people will think you’re strange and crazy. You’re ready to let your freak flag fly because you know that is the true you. And you want guidance on your path to this unapologetic version of you because you now it will involve disrupting old patterns and rocking the boat. 

You’ve often thought about what it would be like to be fully free to be you – to stop conforming to any set prescription or formula. In the past, you held back. You weren’t ready for all it would entail. Now you know you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to be all in on you.

You don’t fit any one mold. You are a contradiction.

You are analytical and a free spirit. You want security and freedom. You are an intellectual and you lean towards the woo of the metaphysical world. You’re kind and compassionate and part witch. You’re a yogi and not a yogi. You meditate and work with energy and you lean towards the science behind it. You’re into psychology and know the power of shifting energy.

You can rock it at a black tie event and have kicked it with coffee farmers in Nicaragua who lived without electricity and indoor plumbing. You can easily be the dancing queen and just as easily scale steep mountains. You can savor a well-made Manhattan and savor a cup of hot herbal tea with the same gusto. You love the comforts of home and are just as comfortable carrying your home in a backpack as you venture across new and foreign lands. You can write a beautiful story and refinish hardwood floors. You love the sweat and dirt of working in the garden and you love the luxury of enjoying a fine meal in an upscale restaurant with white linens.

You’re not the hippy nor the millionaire entrepreneur nor the corporate gal nor the bleeding heart activist though you have elements of each of these in you. 

You’re your own brand. 

Your own brand of madness and brilliance – but really what’s the difference?


 The Mistress of Madness – Turning your Madness into Brilliance