What you are doing is not what matters. 

What matters is who you are being as you are doing all the things you are doing. 

You can be hustling in your career, working hard at the gym, doing all you do to improve your romantic relationship, but if you are doing all these things from a place of doubt, fear, and scarcity, you will not see the changes you desire.

I have experienced this in my life.

I used to be a total gym rat. Up at 5:30, at the gym by 6am. I watched what I ate. And yet, I was not in the shape I wanted to be. I was operating from a place of shame – I had to work harder, eat less, beat myself up more. There was a lack of trust in myself and in my body to know what was best for me.

This also happened in my career. I was doing all the things – going to networking events, hosting training, putting myself out there – and yet my business was not seeing the success I desired. Why? I was operating from a place of fear, distrust, and worry. I wasn’t connected to how I wanted to run my business and what the best way for me to do that was.

I was working hard at all these things yet I was going against me at every turn because I had lost my connection to me, my intuition, and my soul. 

It appears to the world and to the intellectual part of you that you are taking all the right actions. The perception is positive. People see you hustling and think things must be good. The issue is your internal perception of you is off. 

You have lost your connection to you. 

You don’t trust you and when you are running on doubt, there will never be enough right actions to take.

A woman in my networking group shared how this had impacted her real estate business. She said she was hosting a ton of showings but not getting any interest or sales. She was taking the right actions but who she was being was blocking her success. Once she took responsibility for her negative state of being, she could change it. She built practices to keep her in the right state of mind so she was serving with a full heart, full faith, and full trust in herself and her ability to sell. 

For me, I have since turned all that around. 

Connecting back to me allowed me to not only experience a new level of success, it also allowed me to do so with a lot more fun and a lot less stress. 

It is that simple yet it isn’t always easy. Often, you are going against years, if not lifetimes, of scarcity and fear programming. It takes vigilance and determination to reverse it. It is not only possible, it is absolutely necessary if you desire to not only have success in every area of your life, but also to feel a deep sense of meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

As Tony Robbins has said, success without fulfillment is the true failure. 

If you are tired of doing “all the things” and are ready to shift your state of being so you can create significant, meaningful, and lasting change in your life, let’s talk. It’s time to design your unique style of operating for genuine, authentic success.