Why We Choose to Struggle Instead of Succeed

At the beginning of my business, I did what came naturally and what lit me up. This resulted in filling workshops, booking clients, and marketing posts flowing out of me easily. 

Then it’s as if a mac truck hit me and I stopped. 

On a conscious level, I wanted to be successful doing something I am passionate about. 

On a subconscious level, being successful didn’t feel safe. It had to be hard. 

This fear of success blocked that amazing flow. In its place, I created struggle and suffering – proving I wasn’t worthy of success after all.

It sounds ridiculous. Why wouldn’t you want to be successful in your business? 

You do, that’s the thing. But when your subconscious beliefs about what it means to be successful based on your early programming are more powerful than your conscious beliefs, you can take all the right actions and do all the right things but you will continue to sabotage your success again and again. 

You must explore your deep-rooted beliefs about success. What did you pick up on as a child? That it required tremendous sacrifice? That you have to give up your soul for it? That you’ll lose your family and friends because of it? That it’s not who you are? That people will take advantage of you? That’ll you’ll screw it up and lose it all? And what would it say about your parents if you were successful and it was easy for you if you watched them work hard all their lives to get by?

Explore with an open mind and curiosity, NOT criticism. When you are a child, it is all you know and what you learn is required to survive.

Be compassionate with yourself. Forgive yourself for blocking your success or sabotaging it. Do the work to clear out these old beliefs fully. Take on the identity of a person who is confident, comfortable, and authentic in their success. A person who is successful by living their mission and purpose with impact, joy, creativity, and generosity.

You are here with your particular interests and your unique wiring for the specific purpose of unleashing your true brilliance to the world – a brilliance that can only be created by you. 

It’s time to release the old identity, clear out the toxic beliefs and thoughts, and reclaim your truth, power, and success.