What if truly being you was the only way you could make incredible money, have the relationship that is beyond your dreams, the life and lifestyle that is beyond your dreams, the body and health that is beyond your dreams and you could dream even bigger? 

Watch the video here. 

What are you choosing? 

To stay in the same operating system day after day, hoping things will change, thinking you are doing what is necessary but in reality it just keeps you stuck.

You’re scared. Scared of getting burned. Scared to make the wrong decision. Scared of looking like a fool – scared of what people will say. 

As long as you continue to operate from that same state of being with the same thoughts and beliefs, you will continue to experience the same level of being stuck, discontent, confused, and frustrated. And your dreams will feel further away than ever. 

Until you are willing to face the demons of change – discomfort, disapproval, rejection, fears of both failure and success – change will elude you as will your dreams. 

It doesn’t have to be hard – think about how hard it is to live your life the way you’ve been living it – and the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration that creates and the coping mechanisms required to live that way – that is what’s hard – living out of alignment is what’s hard. Not feeling the freedom to be truly you is what’s hard.

Change is scary, for sure, as it will require you to wake up and acknowledge all the ways you have kept yourself stuck and then demand you take different actions,think different thoughts, hold different beliefs. 

But what’s the cost of not changing?

Self-loathing, quiet desperation, continuing the cycle of struggle, suffering, depression, addiction

And the benefit of doing the work to be truly you in every area of your life?

You get to live the life you’ve always dreamed of in every area of your life 

once you do, you see living in complete alignment with who you are is so much easier than what you were doing before – living someone else’s life, being different people for different situations, suppressing your true feelings, desires, and truth. 

Being all you all the time with everyone everywhere sets you free – freer than you have ever been before,

Here’s how you can come into better alignment with the true you RIGHT NOW: 

1 -Ask yourself, Who are you with your friends? Activity buddies? Coworkers/colleagues? Family? Kids’ friends? At the coffee shop? With the server? Store clerk? Notice the impact of how you are on your state of being and energy. Where are you not speaking the truth? How does that impact your state of being?

2 – When you interact with someone, connect with you first – don’t give the automatic response. Ask yourself, what is true for me and share that. Risk being vulnerable and creating authentic connections. Check your energy – notice how you feel. How much more fulfilling are these encounters vs the hollow and shallow ones? 

3- Honor every instance of truth in your day so you can create more of them. Notice what that makes possible for you.

Pay attention to how things start to shift from you owning you and what is true for you – how it changes your relationship with you (greater integrity and valuing of yourself), with others (more trust and honesty), and the choices you make in activities, food, people, conversations, and beliefs.

It becomes a raising of standards – out of automatically operating to authentically relating.

When you are authentic, own who you are, what you are about, what you desire, you open yourself up to be an energetic match for all that you desire and beyond and you create more experiences that match that. 

Divine work, divine relationships, divine body, divine mind.

On our own, we often choose the path of least resistance, we convince ourselves it’s not that bad, we normalize suffering and struggle when it is anything but. If you are tired of feeling frustrated, caught in indecision and analysis paralysis, unsure what you desire and how to get it, and don’t want to keep living a watered-down life, book a call with me because thriving is your true nature and you can only truly thrive when you are 100% truly you, with everyone, everywhere, all the time. 

Why? Why do this work?

So that you are not in a job that is sucking away your soul, a relationship that leaves you feeling empty, friendships that feel fake, a body that you are constantly battling, continuing this cycle of self-loathing, depression, despair, disconnection, and distraction and feeling like life is passing you by and you want off this crazy train, out of anxiety and indecision and frustration, to speak your truth and unleash your unapologetic self-expression, to stand in your authentic power to create a life of meaning, prosperity, ease, and joy.

What’s that worth?

Honestly, it’s priceless.