You want to make some changes in your life. Be more decisive. Have better boundaries. Change your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

So you look for a quick fix. There must be something cheap and easy that will get me out of this rut. 

So maybe you buy a course or enroll in a lower investment program that sounds appealing – change your life in 30 days – voila!

Only it doesn’t work. So you might go about your way and then get drawn to another program or course. This one is different though! It’s so pretty and shiny and full of great promises.

And you repeat the pattern of dipping your toe in the pool of change yet never truly diving in head first, fully committed, willing to take a chance on real change, which requires real risk and investment. 

When you walk around thinking change should be quick and easy, all you do is delay change, which is not cheap nor easy because years go by and you find yourself in this same place of discontent, restlessness, and disconnection. 

Living a life that doesn’t light you up, fill you with a sense of purpose and meaning, and allow you to express the legacy you are here to create is living a slow death.

A life of quiet desperation which is actually quite costly. You don’t feel good about yourself so you don’t take very good care of yourself. You get sick often. You lash out at your partner and kids. You isolate yourself from your friends. You distance yourself from your family. You spend a lot of time feeling depressed which leads to any number of distractions from alcohol to food to overshopping to social media bingeing, or years of buying antidepressants and therapy, not to mention years of your life passing you in a low grade form of misery that you’ll never get back. This creates even more self-loathing, frustration, and discouragement. 

It’s not easy and is much harder actually than changing would be. 

True change requires commitment, great risk, tremendous courage, and incredible determination. 

If it were cheap and easy, we’d all be rich, thin, and happy but much of the adult population suffer from some form of anxiety or depression.

What if you could be an example for your children or family or community about what it takes to make lasting changes in your life? That you didn’t give them simple platitudes to just believe in themselves and viola their life is everything they wanted it to be. 

Of course, self-belief is a huge component of change but it’s much more than just that. It takes a deeper level of transformation in every area of your life. 

And, when you do the work to reprogram yourself, the changes you make last. It isn’t a quick fix – it’s a whole new operating system, which runs more effectively and efficiently and is an authentic reflection of who you truly are as you have now shed all the layers that have kept you stuck for so many years. 

What emerges is nothing short of miraculous. A new way of being, believing, thinking, and seeing. A whole new life. 

It’s not cheap. It’s not easy. And you don’t want your life to be either – you want the rich challenge of the adventure, to create and live in a state of flow, creativity, and prosperity, and to live with absolute conviction in who you are and what you are here to do and know with certainty that everything, everything, is preparing you for just that. 

I guide my clients on the greatest adventure of their lives out of anxiety and confusion into being decisive action-takers with clear, firm boundaries, speaking their unfiltered truth, living in their full potential and authentic power with deep meaning, prosperity, freedom, and joy.

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