You are on the right path.  You simply lost faith and trust in yourself someone along the way. 

You were searching and started thinking everyone besides you had the answers so you stopped looking inside. This took you down the long road away from you. You disconnected from the true you because you didn’t feel safe or good enough. Surely, you thought, this other person has the answers.

My love, you have the answers. You know what to do. You merely lost you way. Your path is still there. It is right in front of you, hidden in plain sight. It’s waiting for you to come back to you – to the place where you can see clearly again. 

To see, with new eyes, what it is you truly desire from this one precious life of yours. To connect deeply with a sense of purpose and passion – this core knowing inside of you about what you are here to do, the genius you are here to unleash. To honor your desire for freedom, adventure, and the money to support you in your work and in your play. To fully release everything that has blocked you from receiving and experiencing all of this fully and unapologetically. 

There is no shame in wanting to live a life of great abundance – your desires chose you and are being activated in you so that you will become the person you are truly meant to be. 

The person who is rich financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. The person who lives with deep integrity, radical trust, impeccable truth, unwavering self-belief, high standards, clear, firm boundaries, fierce focus and determination, and takes bold, courageous, and even terrifying actions to live in alignment with the work and life written on their soul. 

This is no watered-down life. This is all-in, no matter how you feel, how long it takes, or what your circumstances look like, This happens now. It is non-negotiable. It is your life, after all. 

My job is to guide you back to you, not to tell you to do it my way or convince you I have the secret formula. My job is to guide you to uncover your own secret formula, to unlock your inner goldmine that holds all the answers. 

I won’t tell you how but I will show you the way to get  exactly where you want to go. You have to go without seeing, you have to release the need for it to make sense, and you have to rely on trust like never before. You will be stepping into the unknown which is where all magic happens.

Step up to the true you and prepare to be astounded by what you create.

I’m ready when you are.

Will you answer the call?

All you have to do is say YES.

To your greatness unveiled,