Yesterday I was scheduled to present a training to an association of businesswomen. The event was not organized very well and as such, the number of RSVPs were low. The organizer decided to cancel the event. I spend a few hours the day before preparing and practicing my speech. I also committed to myself that I would treat myself to a manicure and pedicure afterward to celebrate.

Well, when the event canceled, I considered canceling my celebration too.

Then I thought, wait a minute, I am putting my sense of success on something outside of me when I know, from all the work I’ve done, that can only come from inside of me. I also thought about that little girl inside of me who was excited for the mani/pedi and if I canceled, she would lose faith in me.

My promises would become false promises – promises contingent on outside events or circumstances. I would be losing trust in myself and lacking integrity if I canceled.

So I went anyway to celebrate a future success, to demonstrate I had faith in myself and what I am creating, and that I can count on me to fulfill my commitments to me, no matter what.

So I called to see if I could get in before a meeting ai had scheduled that evening. They had an opening so I headed over shortly after.

And, you know what? 

It was better than I imagined! I sat with my feet in a hot bath while one man gave me a manicure and another gave me a pedicure. It felt like the royal treatment. I not only got to feel appreciation for treating myself well, the salon also charged me 30% less than the price they quoted me on the phone. And I arrived at my meeting right on time,

When we demonstrate to ourselves that we value ourselves, no matter what may be happening in our world, the universe rises to meet us in ways that surprise and delight us. 

How often do you wait until you feel you “deserve” a celebration before you express appreciation for what you desire?

We are trained to delay feeling gratitude and celebrating our success until it happens.

But what if you experiencing NOW, before it happens, actually accelerated its appearance in your experience? 

When we practice advanced gratitude and celebration BEFORE what we desire has manifested, we are expressing not only our trust in ourselves but also our trust in the universe/source/God to support us in those exacta desires. 

We tap into the unlimited possibilities in the quantum field and step into our future self. This is the self who is already living the life you dream of whose natural state is appreciation and joy.

And you can tap into that state right now and activate that future self right now. When you do, you set in motion a series of events that are only possible in that unknown space you are creating with your imagination, emotion, and gratitude.

What do you desire most today?

What will you do to celebrate it and express appreciation for it as if you had already created it?

I can’t wait to hear!

To more magic moments,


iP.S. If you are ready to not only create your future self but also your future ideal life right now and are committed to doing the work to change your state of being in every area of your life to reflect the true, powerful, unstoppable you, book your call with me and let’s make magic happen today.