I just don’t know if this is it anymore. Maybe I’m not meant to run my own coaching business after all. 

You always craved doing meaningful and impactful work. That is a large part of the reason you started your business. You had the heart of an activist and cared deeply about creating change.

You saw suffering and wanted to put an end to it and yet, somehow, you created more of it for yourself. 

You got burned out when you started to see that being overworked and underpaid in the name of change wasn’t filling your soul nor your bank account. 

You knew you were meant to do great work and to be rewarded well financially for that work. You told yourself they were not meant to be mutually exclusive, despite what you’d been taught to believe, but your soul said otherwise – it didn’t believe you. The problem was you didn’t feel worthy of great compensation despite doing incredible work. 

There was a part of you that was ashamed of your desire for wealth and your dream lifestyle. Who am I to be rich and have nice things when there are people who don’t have enough food to eat, who live in make-shift homes with dirt floors and no electricity, when there are people who are homeless and without support?

You always were a bleeding heart, feeling the suffering of others as if it were your own. 

So, what will your continued suffering contribute to aiding the suffering of others? Just how will that support their liberation? 

It won’t. It only reinforces the idea that there is no way out. 

However, your success and your wealth is the catalyst for change in the clients you most want to serve. Because, really, if you can do it, as screwed up as you’ve felt, they certainly can too. And for those living in extreme lack, your contribution to their transformation through money, time, and energy will serve them beyond what you could ever do when you are operating from a place of limitation. 

The truth is you are not meant to be an activist. You are meant to be an activator – casting powerful spells that awaken the giants that are lying dormant in your clients yet are ready and waiting for the call to arise and take on the world. 

You are meant to be a revolutionary. When you make that shift, you will see the struggle in your clients as their treasure. You no longer seek to alleviate their pain but to amplify it – to transform it to their greatest glory. 

You lead them INTO the darkness which is exactly where they will discover their gold. 

You are here to guide them to reconcile their monstrosity with their magnanimity and magnificence and see it is their prize, not their curse.

You are here to activate the dark within your clients to uncover their inner goldmine and unleash their creative, monstrous genius into the world. 

And, yes, you will be compensated immeasurably for your craft because it is, indeed, a masterpiece. 

Prepare for riches beyond your wildest dreams, you magnanimous, magnificent monster.