You’re Done All The Things and You’re Pretty Sure that NOTHING Works and It Must Be You

You’re right, It is you, but not in the way you think. This is not an invitation to beat yourself up. But it is an invitation.

So, really what if nothing works?

Therapy, energy work, Akashic records, Landmark, soul editing, past life regression, meditation, visualization, affirmations  – the list is endless. Despite all you have invested in your own healing, the battle within ensues. You’re beginning to wonder if you will ever be truly free – free from everything that is holding you back, free to truly be you, to embrace and trust yourself and fully engage in the work you are here to do?

You’ll do anything to bring your soul’s work into the world and to be the highest expression of you. The rub here is you feel like you have done #allthethings which is why you feel at your wit’s end.

What now? Give  up? Resign yourself to living in this constant battle with yourself, accept a life of struggle and discontent? Distract yourself with any number of addictions?

It won’t work. Settling, distracting, rationalizing. You are meant for more and deep down you know it.

So what will it take?

Honestly, Everything and All of You. It is going to require more of you than you ever imagined but in a much different way than you ever imagined. More courage, bravery, determination and resilience than you ever thought you had.

Why? Because this battle is your soul shaking you back to true life – back to YOU. The truth is all those things you did just kept you as the victim – they had the power to “fix” you. They kept you at their whim – tap this many times, chant this affirmation, write your desires one hundred times a day, ugh. No wonder you didn’t transform yourself and your life – something outside of you was still managing your power.

My love, you aren’t broken.

The work here is in reclaiming your power and your rightful place as god. To recognize and own the truth that nothing and no one has power over you – not family history, not blocked energy, not old patterns, not your mindset, not money, not circumstances, not family – nothing and no one.

And to know and own that as god, you are more powerful than you ever imagined, and as such, you, and only you, can and will transform your life. In quantum leaps.

Because you’re not one to fool around when it comes to your true soul desires – they must be obeyed. So you play and engage in the dance of the divine masculine and feminine – commanding, receiving, living, and submitting to the truth in every area of your life.

No matter what.

So you rise, victorious, as a new soul. A soul who has scoured out all the lies that had held her captive for so long so that all that is left is the truth in her sovereign power to create a new kingdom in which to play, love, and transform, again and again and again.

Are you ready for this? Let’s talk.

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