Life sprouts amongst the dead.

While we are in a state of constantly dying, our natural inclination is lifeward. Growth and expansion are what our instincts pull us toward.

I talk about death a lot, not because I want to die (although I have had those moments where I entertained that idea), but because I understand that I am both figuratively and literally always dying.

The more I resist this, the more I suffer and struggle. The parts of me that need to die are exactly the ones that cling to me the most – the parts that still believe that safety and security come from outside of me, that my worth and value come from what I do and not who I am, and that suffering and struggle are a natural state of being. These parts resist death like some immortal god.

And these are precisely the things that kill you, robbing you of a full, fulfilled, and rich life as they taunt you with their lies – who do you think you are to live a life on your terms and run a business that you love and that is financially successful – ha! You’re a fool. That will never happen so you better get a job. 

You better give up more of you and your dream so that you can fit in and be a part of the quiet desperation you see so prevalent in the world – souls who have lost their souls – those whom traded in their dreams for belonging and acceptance, though they don’t feel accepted nor do they belong anywhere.

Yet this is what it takes, you think – give up more of myself, sacrifice more of me, so that you become a shell of yourself, going through the motions – living in a state of apathy and hopelessness because why dream if it will only end in disappointment? Might as well just settle. It’s not THAT bad. And so the cycle goes.

When really all that’s needed is to give in and DIE to that old self for once and for all – completely. To fully release its hold on you. To set yourself free from your self-imposed constraints, to liberate yourself from the illusion of this world and the lie that anything comes from outside of you.

And to grab your life and dreams by the horns and bend them to your will because a watered down version of your life will no longer do. It never has  – you had just bought into the lie and now you see it for the illusion that it is. You now see that by denying your dream, you abandoned yourself in exchange for some false sense of security from outside of you.

Now you see that only you can provide that for you and so you do.  You know you now have your back no matter what and you will never abandon yourself again, no matter what.  That really is what made all the difference – unwavering self-belief and slaying the illusions.

And this allows you to step into the being you are truly meant to be – bold, courageous, confident, and prosperous, living in your power and genius, and speaking truth with everyone, everywhere,  as you create the masterpiece of your life out of nothing and everything.

Are you willing to let go of who you are and who you think you are to become who you are meant to be?

To you,


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