Does this sound familiar?

You are good at your job. You make reasonably good money. The work comes easy for you. The problem is you aren’t stimulated and it doesn’t feel meaningful. You do your time but you aren’t totally engaged, You feel disconnected from your soul and spirit which are calling you for more, for something different, for something that lights you up.

You are currently in your zone of excellence. In the beginning, it was great. It was exciting. But now that you’ve mastered it, it leaves you wanting.

You are being invited to step into your zone of genius – the place where you are on fire, ideas flow to you easily, you are stimulated and engaged. You feel alive and purposeful in your work and in your life.

How do you tap into that?

First, you must send appreciation and gratitude to your current job or the current state of your business.

Spend a few minutes listing all the things you appreciate about it. Let yourself really feel it.

Next, engage your senses and emotions as you visualize what being in your zone of genius would look and feel like. What activities would you be engaging in? What kind of conversations would you be having? What kind of people would you be spending time with? What is the contribution you would be making to the world? What is your energy like? What excites you the most about this next level?

Allow this image to become real. See yourself already there. How do you walk, talk, dress, think, believe, and act?

Step into this person now in some way, however small it might be. Fully commit.

You could start with your conversations so that you are speaking only in terms of fulfillment and expectation. Scour all doubt and disbelief from your language.

Next, align your beliefs with this new way of being and root out all the stories that have held you back so that you can destroy them.

Your beliefs dictate your reality so hold only those beliefs that support you as the highest, fullest expression of you – in your genius, in your power, and in your glory.

Each day spend more time operating from this new way of being, appreciating every area of your life  – no matter what it looks like. Nothing transforms through negativity and criticism so be sure you are mastering your energy to stay in a place of possibility and grateful anticipation.

Cultivate unwavering belief in what you are transforming and creating. Make it real in your mind, thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions.

Once you realize you, and only you, are responsible for your well-being and success, you equip yourself with the tools to make it happen. You know you best.

As you do this, your satisfaction in every area of your life will increase which will then incite you to raise your standards and reach even higher.

You are meant to grow and evolve. The fire of desire to be the highest expression of you is there to temper you, to shape you into the person you are meant to be. And that person and their work is truly a masterpiece – valuable beyond measur and deeply, soulfully satisfying.

To your masterpiece,


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