This morning, I went for a run in the cemetery at around 5 am. It was dark so I had my headlamp turned on to light my way.

While I was running, I lost track of time since I couldn’t clearly see the route. I also got disoriented as I couldn’t tell where I was in the cemetery. I wasn’t sure if I was heading deeper into the cemetery or making my way out of the cemetery. All I could see were the few steps ahead of me that were lit by my headlamp.

This is much like life.  You know where you want to go but at times, you lose your way or become disoriented. You don’t know if you’re going backward or forward. You can see, however, the next step you need to take or the next step you can take and often, that really is all you need to know.

Because as you move forward, you will, indeed, find your way.

This morning, I looked up and saw a crescent moon. From its position in the sky, I could place my own direction and use the moon to guide me back out of the cemetery.


If you’re feeling a bit lost or disoriented, stop, get your bearings, find something or someone to guide you, and then take the next step.


You will get where you want to go. You may lose your way here and there. The timing may be different than you thought. It’s all ok.  


You don’t always need to see the whole way.


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