I recently adopted a puppy from a shelter. She is three months old, still a little skittish and nervous outside but full of energy inside. I love going on walks so, of course, I want her to join me. She, however, is not willing to go that far yet. She can only go as far as she is willing and able, much like us, actually. She can’t see what’s ahead. She needs to stop, look around, assess the situation, and then decide whether to continue or not. I can encourage her and assure her it is safe because I have been on this walk before and I know what’s ahead. If she isn’t ready, though, no amount of encouragement will get her to move. She digs her heels in and refuses. If I push it and insist she move forward, it is no fun for either of us. She starts to associate more and more stress and anxiety with walks and i lose my patience more quickly each time.

So I have to let go of wanting her to be further along than she is ready to be.

This is true for us as well. We can only go as far as we are ready to. And, at the same time, maybe we can’t quite see the way ahead yet. Someone can encourage us. We can hire a coach who has been there and can see the way more clearly than we can, but if we are not in a place where we are ready and willing, it won’t happen. No matter how much we invested in the coach or program and no matter how much we truly want to move forward. Sometimes we have to pause, take a look around, assess our situation, and then decide which way to go. We have to honor where we are and how far we have already come instead of beating ourselves up for not being further along.

If we fight it, we are pushing a boulder uphill, which is not fun for anyone. This doesn’t motivate or encourage us, it actually does the exact opposite.

So, take the pressure off. Look back to see how much progress you have already made. Look around to appreciate where you are. Trust that you will get to where you want to go and that you are exactly where you need to be right now. Honor and appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Approach the journey as the destination. How can you have more fun with it, be more you, and know that you are making every day the absolute best day instead of waiting until you get there to relax and enjoy yourself? This is the power of mastering your mindset and trusting yourself completely. You stop comparing your path and speed to everyone else’s. You know the right path for you and the exact right actions to take, beliefs to hold, and thoughts to embody to get there at the exact right time.

And, that, my friend is a little piece of bliss.


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