I haven’t been emailing my list  – it’s been two weeks! What?! I am on a path to follow the energy, the joy, and what lights me up. That meant not forcing anything – because, honestly, who wants to read a forced email anyway, right?

And, what that made space for was me sharing live videos every weekday for the past two weeks. It felt EASY. I wanted to share something so I jumped on a live video and shared it. Done.

Today, I was asked by the tutoring company I contract with to teach a class on Sunday. I knew the answer right away – no. I started to type my response and at first, I gave a reason. I stopped. I don’t need a reason. I could have nothing on my calendar, could be sitting around all day in my PJs eating bonbons and still say no.

This is new ground for me. In the past, I would have said yes unless I had something planned or I would’ve wanted a reason to say no. I wouldn’t have allowed myself to say no simply because I didn’t want to. That didn’t feel ok in the past. Crazy, right?

Being in supreme integrity with your highest self means you are not going to please everyone and you very well might upset them. Think – canceling plans because you realize what is most aligned with you is NOT going, or changing your business mid-stream because you realize the direction you’re heading is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming.

However, YOU, and only YOU, have to live your life and go to sleep with yourself each night. Wouldn’t you rather go to sleep knowing you honored the highest version of you in every area of your life? And, won’t that help other people see that version of you too? People recognize you have clear, firm boundaries, high standards, and always speak your truth. As such, they can trust you – you aren’t saying something just to get approval or validation or to convince them of your way – you are simply speaking your truth. It is incredibly freeing (for not only you but everyone in your life, too!).

So, I invite you to say no today without giving any reason or justification. Simply no, knowing when you say no to what is no longer aligned to you, you automatically make space for what is aligned with your true desires to come in. Get ready to receive!

I’d love to hear what you are saying no to today! Reply and let me know.

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Believing in you,



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