When you feel like you got nothing, what do you do? Do you freak out, get anxious, and start to worry?


Oh no. I don’t know what to say or write or post. If I don’t post every day and email my list and do a live video at least three times a week, I’ll never get clients. My business will fail. I’ll have to go work for someone else doing something I’m not that passionate about for not great money. “They” were right. I don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This is terrible. You then go on to attack yourself, convincing yourself you’re not worthy of your dreams and what you have to offer isn’t of value. You abandon yourself. You swim in disappointment, wallow in despair.


What if you could TRUST it is all going to be ok, that this downtime is exactly what you need and you will be given the perfect next steps at the perfect time?


Do you trust yourself enough to know the difference between resistance and rest? Do you trust yourself enough to know you are committed to not hiding so you don’t have to worry that this “break” is you sabotaging yourself?


Can you lean into it, knowing that your higher self knows best when to move, when to pause, when to reflect, and when to rally?


Can you hold yourself with the faith that there are no mistakes?


Can you see your process as allowing wine to reach its perfect stage before bottling it for sale? That you rushing to get “it” out there is counterproductive if it isn’t coming from a place of trust and confidence in your soul? The wine will taste like vinegar if you rush it; your efforts will make you bitter as you push and push and don’t see any results from your all your work.  


Be like the wine. Sit and be still. Trust in your perfect timing. You will know the exact thing to do, the right words to say to magnetize your clients and opportunities to you, and it will be like you discovered a time warp as you leap ahead further than you ever could have with all your hustle, grind, do more, gotta go, energy.


You’ll laugh to think you once thought all that racket was necessary and you’ll remember how hard those days were. Getting up early, staying up late, pushing yourself to do more for fear it was never enough and despite all you did, not having much to show for it. It was exhausting and frustrating. You had started to think it was never going to work for you. All your investment of time, money, and energy just wasn’t paying off.  So doubt crept in. Negativity took hold. Shadow energy started to take over. From there, possibilities are slim. You became myopic, only seeing more of the same old struggle, feeling ashamed of your lack of progress, disappointed in yourself, your business, and your life.


If you could only take off the blinders and see with new eyes a world beyond your imagination. A world where ease and flow are the norm, where you deeply and completely trust yourself in the ebbs and flows of your business and life, where you welcome the emptiness and spaciousness with open arms instead of with guarded fear that this is the beginning of the end. A world where you know deep in your bones that everything is working out for you.


All you have to do is believe. Believe when there is nothing to prove you should, no indication that anything will change – because you don’t need external proof – you know it begins within. You know that is already metamorphosing so there is no doubt that your external world will change to rise up to your new level of being. It is the only option. So you trust. You simply trust. And you appreciate you, your life, and your business just as they are.


These are the most powerful tools of transformation and you now see they were with you all along. They are always with you. You just lost sight of them and it allowed you to see the impact that had on your life. And now, you’ll never go back to that old you, the you full of doubt, disbelief, disappointment, criticism, and negativity. You don’t have time for the shadow anymore. The work of your higher self calls to connect you to your divinity. And now that you’ve tasted the wine of the gods, there’s no other option for you than to step into your sovereignty to create the masterpiece that is your life.


You’re magnificent,




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