My energy has felt heavy the past two days. Perhaps it is matching the change in weather from warm and sunny to cold, gray, and drizzly.

Yesterday, I knew my energy was low. I incited truth rants, moved my body, checked my head but it wasn’t having it. The low vibes were holding on. I had planned to go to a beginner aerial dance class that evening. As I was changing to go, I was grumbling under my breath – I don’t want to go, I just want to go home. I’m irritable. I marched myself down the street to the studio, aptly named the Circus. Joining a circus is exactly what I needed to get out of my funk – to go someplace where I can be me and do something crazy and fun.

The class was challenging. I have only done one or two aerial classes before and that was years ago. I consider myself strong but this was a whole new level of strength. I was definitely the beginner. I felt uncoordinated and weak. It was perfect.

The pressure to have it all figured out, to know exactly what to do, and to look like you have it all together can be oppressive. Doing something that puts you back in the seat of the beginner allows you to take the pressure off. You can fall, stumble, and mess up and it’s ok because you are learning. That is the best way to learn – playing with it, seeing what different levels look like, noticing your desire to achieve that next level, and then checking your commitment to doing the work to get to that next level. The trick is to keep it fun, keep it exploratory, keep it playful. You will be much more willing to keep going if it’s fun, exciting, and you enjoy the challenge of advancement.

This is key to your business as well. You begin your business full of excitement and passion. Then you start building up the pressure to achieve and soon you notice that the work that used to bring you so much joy is now bringing you down.

Instead of beating yourself up and feeling down when you haven’t advanced as much as you would have liked, recommit. Ask what you can do differently. Check to see if you are putting too much pressure on yourself. Then, make adjustments. What can you do to make it more fun? How can you add fun (instead of pressure) to the challenge of progressing?

Come back to the place of heart. Remind yourself why you started your business to begin with – embody that feeling again. That feeling of excitement, purpose, and passion. What led to you losing it? What can you do to realign and come back to you? You are what make your business. It’s not your product or service, it’s you. When you have lost touch and connection with you, you lose your business. It becomes something outside of you, something to judge yourself against, something to use to prove you aren’t good enough when you aren’t progressing as much as you would like, it becomes your whip instead of your wand.

Begin again. Step into beginner mind. How would you most like to share your message today? How would you most like to serve your community today? What is your soul longing for that you’ve been denying? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t related to your business. What matters is you showing up as the most true, authentic you there is. That is what people want. That is what people will pay for, not some fancy system, complicated strategy, or sophisticated philosophy – you in your divine power being unapologetically you.

It might sound crazy but it’s true. Your energy is everything. When you are deeply connected to you and your soul genius, all the pressure and anxiety fade away. You come back to your power, grounded and centered, trusting everything is working out in your highest good, always, no matter what. External circumstances have less effect on you because you know everything comes from within. When you cultivate that deep inner knowing, your inner wealth, worth, and wisdom are released and activated bringing you all that you desire and beyond.

Let go of the pressure. You know what you need to know. Stumble, Fall. Get back up. Be curious. Learn. Adjust. And most importantly, play. It’s all a game and you get to make up (and break) the rules all you want. Have fun with it. It’s your life after all.



P.S. I currently have an opening for two ready-to-bust-out-of-the-funk in their business and life and come back into alignment with their soul genius, rebel entrepreneurs. If you’re ready to get off the struggle bus for once and for all and live your life and business as a true reflection of you, let’s set up a time to talk. 



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