I sat serenely on a weathered wooden chair, encircled by seven pine and cottonwood trees. The wind whistled as it rustled the leaves of the trees indicating the onset of autumn. The sky shifted from indigo to cerulean as a bright red ladybug nestled on a branch in between the thick, dark green pine needles mirroring my quiet contemplation.


This is my office. This sacred space with no walls, no doors, no ceilings, or borders is just as much my office as my office at home. Why? Because there is no separation, no division among work, life, and love. They are one in the same because they are me. Recording a video, writing an article or post, walking a labyrinth, performing improv, teaching, coaching, sitting in the center of a cluster of trees – they each contribute to my work, my relationships, and my soul. I am present to every moment, knowing that in that very moment, everything is perfect because what determines the moment is the state of my soul. The energy – the space of me – I bring and hold is what makes each moment.


My soul needs this – the wide open sky that feels as deep as the ocean, acres of open land, spaciousness – no constraints or limitations, simple freedom. The wind alternates between gentle and powerful as the sun shifts from warming the body to burning and reddening the skin. No worries, no cares, no attachments. Free and supported, guided, provided for. The cycle of creation and destruction and rebirth is unfettered and unbound. A tiny yellow bug with black polka dots explores the arm of the wooden chair, its antennae waving in the wind.


So many paths, some taken again and again until you realize, hmm, I’d like a different path now, none “better” than another, simply different as comparison and judgment fade. There is no destination. There is, and always will be, only the journey. It will shift and change directions. You will have different companions. Yet it will always be exactly as it is meant to be. No comparison to others’ journeys because there is only yours. You are always creating it. A chirp of a bird awakens me from my reverie, asking, what are you choosing here and now? Here and now. What are you choosing to believe, to think, to do, to be?


Grounded, rooted, strong, sturdy. Something amazingly unbelievably beautiful is happening right now. An awakening. An alchemy.


Are you brave enough to bare your soul? To invite others on your journey however disjointed it may feel right now? However messy it may look, you are still walking your path with grace, awareness, attention, and appreciation. It is the experience of how you’re choosing to show up for it – even in the most intense storm, you can remain the eye – calm, centered, unshakeable, alert, and responsive. It is the experience of every moment that makes up your life; how you choose to experience each moment is what matters.


Your life can change in an instant because you can change in an instant. As you invoke your divine sovereign power and tap into the kingdom of riches that resides within you, you are magnetic, transformative, purifying, disrupting, alchemizing, elevating, and captivating. The body as art, your work as art, your life as art, you as art. You are creating a masterpiece, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day.

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