This past Saturday I hosted a workshop to activate your inner genius and light your year on fire. It was such a fun event!


I have to be honest with you though, every time I put an event or workshop out there, there is a part of me (the small self) that is nervous it won’t fill or no one will be interested. It is a constant battle between this smaller self and the higher self, who is operating from a place of highest service. The higher self knows I must show up, be of service, share my truth – without attachment to the outcome. The higher self knows that hiding and playing small is not an option while that is the default for the smaller self. The smaller self operates from a place of fear and doubt – and is attached to what other people think. What if they don’t like it? I’ll look like a fool if no one shows up. And on and on. The small self keeps you stuck while tricking you into believing it is keeping you safe. Hiding and playing small is not safe. It is living a watered down version of your life. Without risk, there is not much reward.


So you have to tame the small self.  You have to tell it you’ll be ok, whether anyone shows up or not because this is something you want to do. This is something that is important to you. This is something you need to share with the world.


You are the channel, the vehicle for this – it isn’t about you – it is about what you are here to do and share for your highest good and the highest good of everyone you come into contact with.


This is why being vigilant with your thoughts is so important. If you let the lower/smaller self run the show, you will forever stay stuck in a pattern of discontent. You will talk yourself out of your desires, or worse yet, you’ll lose touch with your desires. The smaller self wants to know you will be ok, hence why it opts for what it thinks is safe. You have to reassure the lower self that you will be ok, that you will have your back, and that living the fullest expression of your life is the only safe option. Anything else is living a slow death.


Moment by moment, hour by hour, remind yourself that everything is always working out for you. One of the best ways to melt away fear is through action. If there is something you desire, take action right away before your smaller self talks you out of it. At the same time, release your attachment to the outcome. Your job is to show up, honor and act on your intuition, connect with your soul desires, and be in highest service to your soul genius and wisdom.


How do you do that? Get out of your head! Get into your body – move in some way every day. Activate your inner artist and magician through creative arts and play – every day. Speak your truth – always, no matter what. Declare what it is you desire with authority. Then, trust it is taken care of. Release it. Prepare to receive it by BEING in the energy of having it NOW.


So, back to the workshop. I created it from a place of desire and the more I worked on it, the more excited I got. I could see the whole workshop and could feel the energy of it. I knew it was what I wanted to do and that there was nothing else I would rather be doing at that time. I designed it so that I would like it, so that I would want to attend, and so that I would have fun doing it. That is exactly how it turned out too. We did improv games, we danced, we did yoga and stretched, we meditated, visualized, created and sang. We activated our inner artists, magicians, and inner geniuses so that the visions we were creating were coming from a place of infinite possibilities, divine power, and our truths. The energy during the workshop was amazing – fun, creative, introspective, reflective, and connecting. We created a sacred space and cultivated community during our time together.


This is possible all the time. It is a decision to live from a place of faith, trust, love, divine guidance, inspiration, and soul connection. It is a discipline to stay in that place.


This is the work I am committed to – guiding my clients to live their lives in alignment with their soul genius and prosperity, to own and live the truth of who they are everywhere, all the time.


If you are tired of feeling stuck in old patterns, analysis paralysis, limiting beliefs, and discontent with the status quo, let’s talk because the truth is you are destined for greatness, not mediocrity.

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