Money is so tied to self-worth.

You don’t feel “good enough”so you strive to earn money. You might succeed in making a ton of money, yet if you haven’t dealt with that core wound, it doesn’t matter how much you have, it’s never enough. Or the flip side, which is you never make enough and you’re always struggling, which then proves you’re not good enough.


Whether you’re rolling in the dough but dying on the inside or have been living in scarcity most of your life, the shadow of not good enough is driving this bus.


In the US (and much of the world), worth is tied to occupation – your DOING – which translates into your earning. But, if you don’t address your BEING, no amount of doing is ever enough.


When you are willing to excavate the soul, uncover the gold in your shadow, realize it is not true, you will discover the truth that you are inherently worthy. Your worth does not come from outside of you nor is it contingent on what you produce, how much you earn, or what your body looks like.


Your worth is your being, your SOUL. When you have exchanged your soul for money by doing work that does not align with your soul genius, you are slowly killing your spirit, living a life of quiet desperation.


Your soul, on the other hand, will never sacrifice you. It will sacrifice anything for what it values. And what is values is you at your fullest, highest expression, your pure, unfiltered truth, your unconditional love of yourself, and giving your soul genius a voice and a place in this world to share its gifts.


Once you do the work of bringing the shadow of not good enough into the light, you invite in a new kind of love. Unconditional love. Loving you no matter what happens in your life – whether you’re abandoned, alone, destitute, ostracized or adored, acknowledge, accepted, and loved. When you hold onto you and the value you hold for yourself is constant – not dependent on any person, situation, or circumstance – everything changes. Every Thing.


Freedom like never before. Love at new levels. Fulfillment deep in your bones. Abundance in every area of your life. It all begins within.


If your business is not bringing in the money you desire, it’s not your strategy, it’s your shadow. Heal you. Heal your business.


You have to reprogram your old wiring that tells you to seek out the next system or strategy. It won’t work. You need to come into alignment with your soul genius first.


Are you ready to rise?

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