On Sunday evening, I walked out to my car to see that the front right side tire was flat. I called roadside assistance and someone was there in less than 10 minutes. I started a conversation with the man who was changing the tire. He was a contractor and said he answered calls to help with cars when he was available and close by. His car was a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee that he bought in California. It was probably valued at close to $30,000 or more. We talked about how to could write off his car and miles for his work. He had a small compressor to fill tires. He said it didn’t work very well and that it wasn’t very powerful. He said there was a better one that could fill a tire in a matter of minutes. He said, well, it costs (he paused to think). I thought he was going to say $500 or something. He said, $40 or $50. I started laughing. I said, you can write it off, why haven’t you bought it? He said, I don’t know, it’s another thing. He chuckled with me.  I couldn’t believe it.


Here is a man who is running his own business as a contractor, who has invested a lot of money into this car for his business, yet he was letting a $50 purchase that would allow him to be more efficient in his work, which would allow him to earn more money in his work because each job would be finished more quickly, keep him at a set-point in his business.


I found it so interesting that this was blocking him. I’ve been there. The settling. The “it’s not that bad”. But the question needs to be changed. Instead of saying, it’s not that bad, why not ask, what would make this even better? What would allow me to work in a way that brings me more satisfaction and income? What can I do to bring myself into alignment with that?

This is just a small example but it shows how limiting beliefs can influence your decisions, which then influences your quality of life.


Investing in yourself and your business is always worth it. Whether that’s a $50 piece of equipment, a $500 program, or a $5000 mentorship. The question comes back to – will this lead me to increased satisfaction and income? Will this bring me into better alignment with how I best work and allow me to do the work I am here to do in a way that lights me up? Ultimately, will this bring me more freedom? That’s the most powerful question to ask yourself.


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