I was listening to NPR on the way home from dropping my boyfriend off at the airport. Edie Falco was on and they asked her how she got her role on The Sopranos, which was her first big role. She said, “It was a regular audition. I didn’t think I was going to get it so I didn’t think much about it and they called me that night and offered me the role.”


That is often how it works – when you are NOT attached to the outcome, you show up more real, more authentic, and less desperate. You are not trying to PROVE yourself by securing this role or this sale to determine your worth or value in the world. When you show up as truly you, that’s when things change. That’s when you are magnetic. People love someone who stands up for what they believe in, don’t cave in under pressure, and never sell out on themselves, their values, or ideals, no matter what.   Who they are is who they are, anywhere and everywhere. They aren’t one person at home and another at work and another with friends and another with family. They are ok with all of who they are, even when that makes them unpopular.


Where are you still holding onto the approval of others? Where are you still selling a little piece of your soul in exchange for the false sense of security that “belonging” to the tribe claims to give you?


Imagine what it would feel like to be sold on YOU, to know that a sense of belonging comes from YOU. To have 100% commitment and devotion to you, the work you are here to do, and the truth you are here to share. To no longer allow anything or anyone to manage your power. To be the true, authentic, unapologetic you, everywhere, all the time.  To know, truly, that wherever you go, there you are as YOU, not as an image you have to project or as an appearance you have to maintain – as fully, authentically you. This is so much easier than trying to be something or someone for each situation and each person you interact with. You are you. That’s it.


What that means for your business is your clients and community know and trust you because you stand the test of time. You don’t sacrifice your values or ideals ever. That creates trust, demonstrates integrity, and makes you someone people can believe in and rely on. And that is what people buy – real, authentic, truth.


Are you ready for people to buy your product or service with confidence and gusto?

If you are sick of struggling in your business only making 4 figures a month while juggling side jobs and feeling like your dream of $10k+ months seems further away than ever and your life and work will be of little significance, let’s talk.

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