Who decides what’s normal and why are ‘they’ managing the power?


Our deepest need is belonging so part of belonging has meant following the rules and norms so as not to upset the system. The problem is the system was set up by someone else, not you. You have forsaken you in order to be part of the tribe. The tribe never really accepted you in the first place. It was always conditional. You could be a part of the tribe as long as you followed their rules, you didn’t challenge them or their way of thinking. You are not here to get by, to settle, to diminish yourself and discount your dreams. You are here to wake up, to reclaim your worth, to take back your power, and to speak your truth unapologetically.


The funny thing is that while some may reject you, criticize you, or attempt to ostracize you, many will be drawn to you and will support you. You are eliminating the ones who were never really a part of your true tribe, to begin with.


To be you is rebellious, courageous, and essential for growth. There is no room for more carbon copies or cookie cutter versions of everyone else. It is, and has always been, the crazy ones who create new technologies and revolutionize systems; who innovate, create, and dream beyond the possible. They challenge the status quo, the current way of being and doing, as they never really fit in or bought into it. To be true to themselves means trusting themselves, no matter what, no matter how it might look, what people might say, or how many people may criticize them or reject them.


This above all: To thine own self be true -Polonius to Laertes Act-I, Scene-III, Hamlet.


Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be the real you, no matter what?


If you want your business to be a true reflection of you, create a life of deep significance, and step into a new level of income, impact, freedom, and fun, I invite you to message me.


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