This morning I went for a run in the cemetery by my house. It is a peaceful place in the morning, the sun slowly rising, the birds singing as the day begins.


As I run by all the tombstones, I reflect on life. My desire is to have contributed something meaningful to the world – to know that my legacy will live beyond the grave.


That has always been my driving factor – to live a life of significance. I see so many people going through the motions, losing their sparks, forgetting who they truly are.

I have been there. It slowly steals your soul and often results in even further disconnection from yourself as you seek ways to numb the pain of disillusionment through any number of addictions all meant to serve to keep you distracted and off your true path.


It feels like an uphill battle to be deeply connected to yourself, awake and aware, especially when much of society is numbed out. As you start to peel away the layers, you begin to rediscover who you truly are. Those layers were your defense system, meant to keep you safe as a child but now only serve to keep you small. It feels scary and vulnerable and uncomfortable to let those layers go. They are not you. They are the remnants of your old self and the only way for the real you to surface is to make room for it.


This process can feel like a death and it is. The death of the smaller version of you. Mourn that person. She served a purpose in your life but now it’s time to tell her goodbye. Acknowledge her. Thank her. Release her.


As you step into the bigger version of you, it might feel unsettling. You may feel wobbly. It’s ok. Just like a child learning to walk, you are learning a new way to be – it takes practice. It’s ok to stumble. Rise, dust yourself off, have a laugh, and keep going.


See yourself only as this new powerful version of you. How does she act, talk, dress, feel, and show up each day? How does she stay connected to her highest good and inner knowing? What brings her joy? What’s important to her? Connect with that. Stay in that space. Think like her, act like her, talk like her. BE her. That is who you truly are.


Want to connect, live, and work from your soul’s genius? The place of intuition, divine guidance, prosperity in all its forms, and true joy in living your legacy? If this is speaking to you, invite you to reach out to me.


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