Are you willing to speak your truth? No matter what? Even when it’s uncomfortable? Scary?


What is your truth? It’s not your opinion. It’s who you are. It’s what you stand for. It’s what you’re about.


Last night, I went to a community meeting aimed to bring unity among diverse groups. The people who chose to show up were willing to have a different conversation about race, oppression, and power. These are not easy conversations. Many times they go against deeply rooted generational beliefs. Everyone who was there was willing to consider whether these beliefs actually served them. Were they even their beliefs in the first place? Often, you take on the beliefs of your parents, caregivers, family members, close friends, religious or educational leaders. Sometimes, you don’t question them as that is what you were taught as a child – you are told that is what is true. Now as an adult, you get to decide if that is, indeed, true or not.


It was inspiring to hear people declare new truths and offer solutions to heal the division that has been growing in the U.S.


That is all it takes. That is how any movement, revolution, or big change starts – a decision to think and do something different.


I keep thinking about mindset and how you can choose to enslave your mind with thoughts that keep you stuck, small, broke, depressed, and angry – thoughts that limit what you are truly capable of. Or you can choose to free your mind from the tyranny of these destructive beliefs. You can choose to believe in what is possible for you and know as you step into that truth, you empower others to do the same.


You can choose to stop oppressing yourself by writing a new reality for yourself. What you believe is more powerful than what you see. When you start to fully believe in what it is you desire and know it is available to you (it always has been), you will then start to see it.


I know that when you change your words, your thoughts and beliefs, your world changes. And I know how powerful that is.


When was the last time you spoke your truth? No holding back? No worrying what someone else might think? No trying to be nice? The pure, unfiltered truth? That is what will set you free.


Check out this video about that very topic. 


What will you choose to believe today?


Believing in you,




P.S. If you are ready to bring your work, your mindset and your life into alignment with your truth and your deepest desires so that you can have the impact, income, and fulfillment that is yours, let’s talk.

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