What does business alignment mean?


To me, it means that who you are in your business is the person you are at your best – what you do and say aligns with your values, interests, and passions. This is the same person who shines with laughter as she talks to her friends, family, and partner. She is who she is everywhere she goes.


Thriving is meant to be pervasive. Succeeding in your business does not need to come at the expense of your health or relationships. The game of life is meant to be played all out in every area of your life. A rockin’ business, incredible wealth, awesome health, amazing friends, a passionate relationship with yourself and your partner, and more.


It’s time to kick the addiction to drama and struggle to the curb. That was me for many years. I would only allow one or two areas in my life to go well and I would make the third area ugly. If my relationship was going well, I would attack and critique my body. If my health was great, I would bemoan my slow growing career. If my career was going well, I’d pick apart my relationship. It was sick. It kept me out of my power. It kept me small and what I thought was safe because who was I to be doing well in every area of my life? I mean, come on. (#lies)


It was challenging to give myself permission to be happy. It felt like uncharted territory – a place I didn’t belong because I didn’t know how to operate there.


I was so addicted to struggle that I wasn’t sure that I would be me without it. I identified so strongly with it. It was like a dysfunctional relationship. You know you need to leave but it’s familiar, however uncomfortable it may be.


I had to create a new identity. One where it was safe to be happy – happy for no reason  – not happy because everything was great – just a decision to be happy.


I saw glimpses of this woman. She would sing Good Morning! to her students in Villahermosa, Mexico, despite fighting with depression. She would laugh with her students in San Jose, Costa Rica, while at the same time, she was struggling with feelings of isolation and loneliness.


She would sneak out and the darkness would try to defeat her. It came close to winning on a number of occasions yet the light held her more tightly, whispering to her, don’t let go, my love, I got you. Trust me.


Little by litle, I began to trust the light more than the darkness. It was like beginning a new relationship. I was a bit skittish. Is this really going to work? Are you really going to stick around? Where’s the catch?


The only catch was a commitment to feeding the light, fostering joy, and focusing on beauty. I had to retrain my brain and myself to undo the years of programming. It is something I must commit to every day as it is still a new way of being for me.


I know this work is worth it. At the end of my time here on earth,  I want to know I lived in alignment with my highest vision, my truest calling, and my deepest joy in every area of my life.


What about you?


Be true to you,




P.S. One tool I use to connect with this powerful version of me is my Authentic Self Guided Visualization. Bring your business, your life, your health, and your relationships into alignment with your true desires.


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