As I stood there on stage, the lights bearing down on me, I felt my knees start to shake, Breathe, I told myself. Even though I have performed on stage a number of times, I still get nervous.


I find it interesting that I enjoy performing and at the same time, it is outside my comfort zone. I was never the girl who wanted to be the center of attention. Yet, somehow I have found my way to love live performance.


It is at once terrifying and exhilarating, much like I imagine skydiving to be.


It’s an opportunity, each time, to walk up to my fear, acknowledge it, and keep moving.


I have performed with members of this improv group a handful of times. A few months ago, our performance was mediocre, to say the least. Yet, despite not performing well, not one of us decided to throw in the towel. We upped our commitment as we saw where we needed to improve.


Last night was our best performance yet. High energy, lots of laughter from the audience, quirky storyline, and creative dialogues. We all left the stage flying high, knowing we had done well.


We knew the difference between an average show and a great show.


The cool thing is when you tap into that high-vibe energy of having achieved something you desire, you can ride on that energy. You can let it continue to fuel you in other areas of your life. And, you can come back to that feeling to remind yourself of your power. You can use this to propel you forward as you continue to uplevel. Because in life, you are either growing or you’re dying. Those are the options. Growing, while at times scary, is a lot more fun.


I recorded a live video last night after my show sharing how to do this. Check it out.


To dreaming big,




P.S. If you are ready to show up in your business and life consistently, authentically, and powerfully, let’s talk!

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