On Saturday, I went to a Kundalini Workshop that focused on manifestation. Kundalini yoga often has interesting and challenging poses that you hold for a set period of time.


The instructor warmed us up and then told us to get ready for an intense kriya. He demonstrated that we were to sit with our legs crossed in easy pose, bring our arms up so that they were parallel to the earth, and then bend the arms at the elbows so our arms made a 90 degree angle. Then we were to make a V with our index and middle fingers. He asked, “You know what V stands for right? Victory!”


The next part was the breath. This posture included a super slow breath – ideally less than two breaths a minute – meaning you are inhaling for a count of 30 and exhaling for a count of 30. I broke it up so I would inhale for a count of 15, hold for 15, exhale for 15 and hold the breath out for 15. (My counts were fast and I didn’t always maintain my focus on my breath #aintgonnalie).


Next, came the period of time for which we would need to hold the posture – usually anywhere from three to eleven minutes. He said, “Ok, now you will hold this for 31 minutes.”  What? You’re kidding, right? No way. 31 minutes? He continued, “You have to commit, set it up, and that’s it. Don’t adjust, don’t squirm, just set and go. Once you’re set in the posture,  keep it up. That’s it, Keep it up.” (#simplebutnoteasy) I thought he was crazy.


I began, focusing on my breath. My thoughts began to attack me – this is stupid, what’s the point of this, this is ridiculous – 31 minutes, come on. I let them have their say. I kept breathing.


My mind went on a voyage. I visualized my ideal life and my dream home. I saw myself hosting retreats in gorgeous locations – retreats that would include yoga, dance, writing, mindset work, business strategy, fun challenges, mini-adventures, great food and conversations, community, and breakthroughs. I saw myself speaking on multiple stages, as a TedX a speaker, an author, a spoken word poet, a world traveler. Then I would get brought back to the pain in my shoulders – the burning and tingling in my arms.


I came back to my breath, chanting various meditations and affirmations. Then my right hip starting aching. Then my right foot went numb. I kept breathing. I released everything that no longer served me – doubt, delay, debt, resistance, procrastination, playing small, generational lies, limiting beliefs, grief, and depression. I let it all go.


I brought in light, love, and healing. I repeated what I was now available for – I am only available for creative, fulfilling and financially rewarding work, dream clients, an amazing, passionate and loving relationship, amazing and supportive friends, awesome health, a beautiful, strong, fit and sexy body,  incredible wealth and prosperity, world travel, and phenomenal happiness. I declared these things as my birthright, as what I am here to do, and what I here to serve as an example of. Breathe.


Finally, the teacher called out three more minutes. I held on. Breathe. I am free. I am powerful. I am limitless.


The teacher then led us through our final breaths in the posture. We released our arms, stretched out our legs. Ahhhh. Wow. I was in awe. I couldn’t believe I actually did it. I kept my arms up at 90 degrees for 31 minutes. How ridiculous! And, yet,  how amazing!


It proved to me that we are so much stronger than we realize. That our minds are powerful beyond belief. You can move beyond your self-imposed limitations when you let go, Fully let go.  Accept that resistance will meet you but it can’t defeat you. Simply acknowledge it and keep at it. The prize is bigger than the pain. It truly is.


What will you do today to keep it up, no matter what might get in your way?


P.S. This aspect of commitment is central to maintaining the success of your business. If you are frustrated with not getting the results you desire despite feeling like you are working non-stop, let’s talk!

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