Recently I was reflecting on why I pursued the path of entrepreneurship. I wanted to start my own business because, at the time, I felt like a shell of myself. I was going through the motions. Get up, work out, go to work, go home, go for a walk, eat dinner, read. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


I knew there was something more. Something that lit me up. Something that brought me more alive.


So I started down a new path. First creating my own business entity as a contractor for a private tutoring company in San Jose, Costa Rica. While there, I pursued my coaching certification, which felt like the perfect next step since I had been coaching and conducting professional development training for the previous six years.


Upon my return to the US, I coached for free for close to 100 hours. I eventually got my website up, got some headshots, and worked on marketing. Things should be flowing, now, right?


They didn’t. It was fits and starts. I would have clients, then no clients, then clients, and then no clients again.


I thought It was my branding, so I invested in a branding coach. Nope. Maybe my energy was blocked, I thought. So I invested in an energy coach. Still no.


What gives? I was focusing on the problem to the exclusion of the solution. The solution was to come back to me. To remember why I started down this road in the first place. I wanted to help people transform their lives, rewrite their story from one of struggle and discontent to one of success and fulfillment. I wanted to be location independent. I wanted to determine my own schedule and my own rules yet here I was following rules that weren’t working for me.


I believe that creative, fulfilling, financially rewarding work is available to everyone. That is why I began this journey. I saw so much unhappiness, so many lives unlived, so many people going through the motions, not living a life that would light them up.


When I lost my best friend to cancer, this became even more clear. This is all we get yet we often stay in unfulfilling jobs, unhealthy relationships, and maintain destructive thoughts and habits. I am guilty of this as well.


Not anymore. Settling slowly steals your soul. Discontent is your sign that it’s time to do something different. To stop complaining; stop tolerating frustration and overwhelm. It’s time to declare that you are only available for work, activities, friends, and relationships that light you up, that feed your soul, that stoke the fire inside you. That is why you are here. You are here to shine so brightly that everyone around you recognizes that they, too, have a light to share with the world.


Once I stripped away all the rules and blocked out all the noise, what remained was seven core tenets of how I run my business. It’s not a formula where you have to follow these seven steps exactly or it won’t work. It is a foundation that guides everything you do in your business – from enrolling your first client to creating your first $10k month. It informs how you show up each day and leads you to your next right step to continue to grow your business smartly and soulfully.


What it does for you is give you the freedom to run your business on your terms. It allows you to show up authentically and powerfully. It allows you to step into being that powerful, passionate, impactful, and prosperous business owner and entrepreneur that you know you are meant to be. And, that, is priceless.


If this is speaking to you, I invite you to book a call with me to learn more.


This is your time to shine.


Believing in you,



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