What sounds fun? What is calling your attention? What piques your interest – that topic that you are always wanting to learn more about and could talk about for hours? 


Many of the big and bold decisions in my life came from me saying, that sounds fun. This led me to multiple-month solo travel adventures, performing, a variety of jobs, classes, and workshops.


When you are in that place of curiosity, there is less analysis and attachment to it looking a certain way. It becomes more about desiring the experience without attaching to the outcome.


I didn’t know what would happen when I took off to travel alone or took jobs in different countries, but I knew it was something I deeply desired. I wanted the experience of adventure, exploration, and discovery. Yes, it took courage to go through with it. Yes, it was scary, but the excitement of it superseded the fear. I focused on everything I would discover and learn and experience and let the worries take the back seat.


It may not have turned out as I imagined but I trust it turned out exactly as it was meant to. The more you can have faith that everything is working out for you and know that if it doesn’t turn out as you would have liked, that the outcome will actually be better than you could have imagined somehow.


Your intuition is always speaking to you, however it requires that you listen. The best way to do that is to play, to dance, to spend time outdoors, to laugh; to follow what lights you up. That is when you discover the real you.


So the next time you feel that nudge to go do something simply because it sounds fun, GO do it! Trust it is guiding you exactly where you need to be.


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To wild abandon,


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