Are you feeling stuck in your business or career and life?


Do you have an idea of what you want that business and career to look like yet you just don’t seem to be getting much closer to it?


Confusion stops action. So you collect more information. All this information leads to paralysis by analysis. This leads to a deeper disconnection from yourself and what you truly want. You start to think you should just do it “their” way. You hustle. You work hard. Yet despite all this work, you don’t gain any traction. You get discouraged. You start to doubt yourself and your path. You lose faith. You start to spiral into negativity. From that space, you close yourself off.


You stop seeing other possibilities. This is not a nice place to spend time. It is where dreams go to die as you convince yourself it wasn’t such a good idea in the first place.


How do I know? I’ve been there, my friend. When I relied too much on my logical mind, I lost connection with my heart and soul. We need both. We need action tied to vision. Not one without the other.


Have you lost sight of your vision? Do you feel disconnected to your ‘why’ – the big reason you want to do the work you do?


Come back to you and answer these four powerful questions honestly and with more heart than head:

Who are you? What’s important to you? What work matters to you? What do you stand for?


This is what matters in the end- that you pursued interests, activities, and work that were meaningful to you and you contributed to your family, community, and the world in a way that mattered to you. That’s your legacy – to have done good work that made a difference in your life and the lives of others, to have invested in your own growth and in the cultivation of relationships, and to have lived a life of meaning.


What is that worth to you? To know, deeply and authentically who you are, the work you are here to do, and the impact you are here to have?


That is something worth pursuing.


This is exactly what we work in my upcoming group mastermind program, Dream Desire Determination.


Clarify your mission, refine your vision, take consistent aligned actions, invest in your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, release limiting beliefs, create a new story for your life, and develop a supportive community. It is intentionally designed to support you holistically – your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your practices, and your community.


We get started on Monday. Book a call with me or email me with any questions. I’d love to have you be a part of this incredible program. I’d love to see you at your best – your most powerful version of you.


I can help you get there.


Believing in you,



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