Why do I believe so much in this story thing?


Because we make our own meaning. We make a situation, an event, a challenge, a loss mean something. We can make it mean life is hard and unfair and we might as well give up.


We could also make it mean that there is something to learn from this, this will make me stronger, more self-aware, more compassionate, more determined, more powerful.


When I lived in San Jose, Costa Rica, it was a challenging time for me. I left a well-paying job, a great community, good friends and family to step into the unknown. I expected to make friends, become a part of the community, and enjoy my work. This was not the case at all. (There is much more to this story but I’ll save that for another time.) I remember talking to a friend from grad school and telling him, I don’t have friends or family here, my job isn’t great, and I’m very alone – if I can learn to be ok here – without depending on any external circumstance for my sense of contentment, then I’ve made it – that’s the ultimate lesson. He chuckled, “If you can do that, you’ve won the grand prize.”


The grand prize. To be ok no matter what. To not make a difficult situation mean something is wrong with you and instead to see it as an opportunity to grow in your self-knowledge, your resilience, your faith, and your inner strength. To choose to write a new story from it. A story where you come out better on the other end.

To do that takes commitment – a commitment to choosing a new path. It also takes practice. That period of my life tested me in so many new ways. I had to learn new practices so that I didn’t let the darkness and negativity win. Those practices are what I have been sharing in the Rewrite Your Life in Seven Days challenge. They include connecting with the highest vision you have for your life, consistently taking bold actions that propel your forward, engaging in soul and self-care, participating in physical activities that lift your spirit, and connecting with something grander – your purpose, your why, and a powerful guiding force.  

You have to trust you are not alone and that you are destined for greatness, whatever that may look like for you. It is not an easy path. It requires hyper-consciousness, a deep connection with yourself and your soul’s longings, and an unwavering faith. It behooves you to pay attention, to say no to the debilitating thoughts and habits that only serve to distract and sabotage you. This is not the path for the weary. It takes vigilance and incredible love to stay the course – to know your work is needed and your story matters, that you matter. It is a true dedication to your craft.

This work is worth it. It is your legacy to have lived a life of conviction in who you are, what you are about, what you stand for, and what your unique contribution to the world is. 


Tomorrow is day seven of the Rewrite your Life Challenge and it’s a good one. Will you join us?


If you are tired of your story and want to change your path, book a session with me. I can help you get clear on your vision and mission and write a new story for your life – a life that includes meaningful work, a successful business, and a fulfilled life.


Your life starts now. You always have the opportunity to begin again. What will you choose? How do you want your story to go?

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