My insights from trail running

Today I went for my first trail run in two months. I could tell I hadn’t been there in awhile.

As I was running, I noticed my lag in energy. I remembered that my dinner the night before had consisted of a few finger foods at a networking event. Hmm, that might have something to do with it, I thought. I also knew I would make it. I didn’t worry about not finishing or making it back to the parking lot. I may go slow. I may have to stop. I may need to chomp on an apple slice. But, I will make it. No doubt about it.


I didn’t make myself wrong. I didn’t say, I suck at this or I should give up on trail running, I also didn’t quit.


It made me wonder why when it comes to running your own business – some of these very things come up.  Something’s wrong with me. I suck. I should quit. I wonder if I’ll make it.


When in reality, what you need is the opposite of those self-defeating thoughts. What you need to think instead is, Hmm, what can I do differently? Did I not prepare well enough for this particular thing I’m working on? How can I ensure I am filling myself up as I grow my business? I’ll keep going because I know I will figure it out and I will make this work. No doubt about it.


What a HUGE difference that would make! That faith in yourself and your journey. The belief that you will be successful, whatever that looks like for you. The exploration of what to do differently and the focus on solutions.


This is the mindset and attitude you need to run a successful business, especially in the beginning phases. Absolute faith (unwavering faith) that things are going to work out. Solid trust in the process. Courage to allow yourself to go at your own pace. Incredible kindness to yourself as you learn and grow.


My suggestion to you is to continue to look at what is working in your life. Then ask yourself, how can I apply this to my business? It is all related. It can be that simple. Human beings love to over-complicate things. Stop that! It can be whatever you want it to be. It depends on your focus – as always.


What new insights have you discovered about yourself this week? I’d love to hear! Send me an email and let me know.


Rooting for you,


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