When I first started my business, I was barraged by family members who voiced their concern by consistently asking me when I was going to get a job. At that time, this was hard for me to hear. I wanted their support, not their criticism.


What I realize now, looking back on that period of my business, is that I wasn’t fully in. I was still doubting myself – and this translated into my family also doubting me. Once I fully committed, went all in on doing the work to make this business happen – once I believed in myself and my business, so did my family


Now when I speak with my family, they tell me they believe in me and the success of my business. It is honestly incredible because I wasn’t sure if that would ever happen.


This was a big epiphany for me. YOU have to believe in yourself and what you doing before anyone else will. This is not for the faint of heart. When you are just starting out on a new venture, self-doubt will besiege you. Questions, such as, Do I have what it takes? And Can I really do this? will lurk around every corner.


The crazy thing is you can have the best business plan, all the right tools, and resources, but if YOU don’t believe in YOU and what you’re doing, none of these tools can fix your self-belief.


Honestly, the business tools are the easy part – you can always figure out the external aspects – you can learn different techniques and strategies. BUT, if you are disconnected from who you are and what you’re about, it’s like putting a band-aid on a gaping flesh wound. It won’t hold.


You’ll try this strategy, that technique. They may work for a while but they aren’t sustainable as that lingering self-doubt will find its way back to the forefront.


You have to believe, with every fiber of your being, in what you are doing. That is fundamental. Once you have that, choosing which tools work best for you is easy because you’re no longer trying to be someone else. You stop looking for the magic formula or seven secret steps to success.


You begin to understand YOU have the best formula for you.


I can help you uncover that formula so that your business and your life is a true reflection of you.


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