This morning I went on a bike ride by myself. As I was riding, a group of riders sailed past me. “Are they on the same bike trail as me?” I thought, admiring their speed.


On another part of the ride, a man in his 50’s with a noticeable belly passed me up a hill.


On the return route, two women in their 60’s flew past me down a hill. I am still adjusting to my bike so I am more hesitant on the down hills.


What did I love about all this? Every single one of us was out there – different fitness and skill levels, different ages, different weight. It didn’t matter. We all had chosen to get up that morning and hit the road on our bikes.


We all showed up – alone or with a friend or a group.


It made me ponder ‘showing up.’


Showing up is hard when there’s no one waiting for you, you’re not meeting someone for a ride, it’s just you on your own. It reminds me of some of the challenges of entrepreneurship.


No one is waiting for you to complete a project by a certain time. No one is making sure you clock in or arrive at your desk at a set time in the morning and stay there until a specific time in the evening.


It’s you. On your own. You have to decide when to get to work and what to work on. You have to design your own system that will work for you. It can be isolating and frustrating.


The good thing is that when you notice what isn’t working – man, I need some social interaction or I need to figure out a better system for this – YOU get to decide what that looks like.


That could mean attending networking events, joining some meetup groups, or coordinating events with friends throughout the month or week.


Entrepreneurship requires a different level of consciousness.


You and your business are not at the whims of anyone except you. It behooves you to develop a system that works for you – a system for outreach, for promotion, for creation, etc.  and then to measure the actions you’re taking to see if they are, indeed, producing the results you desire.


I created an Action and Mindset flowchart for my private clients to provide them with a tool to more mindfully evaluate, assess, and adjust both their actions and their mindset.


Because if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not, you are wasting time and energy. You can’t keep taking the same actions expecting a different result, (this is called insanity).


If you would like to use this flowchart, you can access it by clicking this link.


I would also love to offer you a 30-minute session to evaluate your current actions and make adjustments that will help you create your best system for consistent success.


Our job is to keep showing up, doing our best work, and contributing something positive to the world as only we can. I can help you do that.


Rooting for you,




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