On Saturday morning I went for a bike ride. I rode from my house to a state park. As I was riding in the park, I ended up in the middle of a triathlon. People were cheering me on, checking if I was ok when I stopped to take pictures, and asking me how much further there was to go in the race. I was having a blast – responding, yes, I’m fine, oh, not that much longer.

I had on bike clothes but didn’t have a bib number or a number written on my leg indicating I was racing. It didn’t matter. I looked the part so I was automatically assumed to be competing in the triathlon.

It was such a great example of life. We think we aren’t good enough, smart enough, experienced enough, etc. and we are the only ones holding us back. If we just ACTED the part (we ARE smart enough, educated enough, and experienced enough), we would absolutely GET the part. Whether that means a raise or promotion, more business, or more clients – all we have to do is DECIDE we want the part. Then we must step into the role – in every aspect of our lives. We have to want it more than we are afraid of it.

When we meet someone new, attend a networking event, introduce ourselves, we must PLAY the part we want, not the part we’re tired of playing.

When we talk about our business, in person or online, we must present ourselves and our business as we want them to be. We can always figure it out so always say yes, keep the door open, and continue to present your best self at every turn.

Start making decisions from the person you are stepping into. What actions do they take? How do they present themselves? What types of events do they attend? What kind of people do they spend time with? Make all of this work in your favor. Play the part you want. Over and over again.

So what role do you want to step into? Today? This week?

I’d love to gift you some ideas for how to step more boldly into your desired role – both in thoughts and actions.   Send me your role and I’ll email you the goods!

Believing in you,


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