I’ve done vision boards. I regularly recite affirmations. The problem is that many times these activities lack emotional depth. They have elements of curiosity and interest but not a real connection to what it would feel like if this vision were to become reality or these affirmations were the truth.

What gives?

I had read all the research stating the power of vision boards and stating affirmations. The problem was they just weren’t doing it for me. I knew I had to be missing something.

So I explored my curiosity around why this wasn’t working. I wanted to see if there was another way – a way that would help me connect with my vision and my affirmations on a deeper emotional level. What I found was the idea of a mind movie. You take images that resonate with what you desire your life to look like and your affirmations, you then choose music that puts you in a heightened state and then you combine them to make a movie of your desires.

What this does is it adds that extra element of positive emotion to your vision and affirmations. Music has a powerful effect on our mood. Research has shown that we can change our emotional state for the better when we choose to listen to music that lift us up and energizes us. Linking this type of music with images of our ideal life and powerful affirmations helps us feel more connected to that life now.

The great thing is that you don’t need any fancy software – you can use any type of presentation software – iMovie, Prezy, keynote, whatever you like. Simply create slides using your favorite images and affirmations, add your favorite high-vibe music, and then watch your ideal life movie at least once a day. You can keep your movie to a few minutes long so you can watch it before bed, while waiting in line, or upon waking in the morning.

You can use your own images and search for images online to combine  pictures of you at your best with images of your ideal life.

Stepping into our best selves and our best lives is an art and a science. Engage in some experimentation to see what resonates with you, what helps you FEEL this is your life, BELIEVE it with all of your being, and then tap into that every day.

I’d love to hear about your mind movie if you decide to give it a try. Let me know!

Sending you a life beyond your wildest dreams,


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