What are you doing to shake things up a bit?

We are a few months into 2017. Are you finding yourself slipping back into old patterns and habits?

I started to feel this stirring in my soul yesterday that it was time to make some changes in my routine. Routines are great and they help us put some structure in our lives. We often forget, however,  how very important it is to shake up the routine once in awhile, especially if we are noticing a flatness in our emotions. This is usually a sign that we have gone on auto-pilot. (I’m speaking for myself here!)

Here are some suggestions on how to break out of the doldrums and infuse more vitality into your life.

  1. Make a list of 100 activities that you enjoy, that are fun, and that feed your spirit. Refer to this list often and then choose one to complete each day. Make it as important as eating and sleeping. It is that important. Our souls require as much nourishment as our bodies.
  2. Take a few minutes on Sunday evening and look at the week ahead. Do you have any events planned that are fun, social, or feed your spirit? We often go the entire week without any activities planned that feed our souls. 
  3. Choose 2-3 activities that you can commit to engaging in for the week ahead. Can you grab a coffee with a friend? Is there a local concert you can check out? Is there a meet up group focused on one of your interest areas that you could attend? Is there a class (dance, art, martial arts, improv, writing, painting, meditation, etc) that you’ve been wanting to take that you could check out this week? Can you go for a walk at lunch?
  4. At the end of each day, do a brief review. Did you engage in activities that you enjoyed during the day? How did you feel afterward? If you didn’t, what prevented you from allowing yourself to have fun? How can you adjust your schedule to allow for more fun each day? The trick is to make it easy!

I write this because I struggle with this. I know I need to schedule more fun into my days but it is often easier to just keep working but then I notice it doesn’t put me in a good mental state. When I am taking care of myself, doing good work, connecting with others, and having fun, I have much more to offer the world than when I am nose to the grindstone all the time. I am committing to scheduling more fun into my days, as challenging as that may be. It sounds so silly that having fun is hard for me! I am out to change that. Won’t you join me?

I’d love to hear from you. What are you doing to have more fun and bring more joy into your days?

Sending you a fun-filled day,


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