This afternoon I met with a woman who started her own business at the age of 61. She loves what she does and calls this her ‘encore’ career. She uses the interests she’s developed and skills she’s honed in a variety of careers over the years to train ‘boomers’ how to leverage social media in their careers.

She told me she feels more like a millennial than a baby-boomer. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and our meeting was a pure delight. She shared how she felt that many people trap themselves based on some self-imposed restriction, such as age or generational group.

I found it so fascinating because much of the work I do centers on mindset. We take ourselves out of the game based on some arbitrary number or circumstance. “I’m too old to change careers. I’m too young to be at that level. I’ve never made that much money. I’ve always been this way.” And on and on we go.

Isn’t it funny that we are so quick to limit ourselves? What if, instead, we threw off our limits? What would be possible then?

Here are 5 tips to help you move past your own self-created limitations:

  1. Ditch the old story. Let the past be the past. Honor what you learned, let it go, and move on.
  2. Find proof of possibility. Who is doing what you want to do? Find examples across the spectrum of age, experience, gender, education, etc.
  3. Gather evidence from your own experience. Where have you been successful before and in how many different areas of your life – career, education, health, relationships, etc.
  4. Focus on what you want and ask what’s possible. Look beyond what’s probable. Allow yourself to explore what would be amazing instead of just what would work.
  5. Allow yourself to redefine yourself and write a new story. The only constant in life is change. As you grow and evolve, so will your interests and desires. You are a work in progress and your story continues to unfold. Don’t write the end of the story before its end.

As I grow, I’ve been thinking about my growth as more of a metamorphosis. It can be painful at times as we shed old identities and beliefs and do the work to strengthen our wings to fly. This is an important part of the process.

We can’t step into a new way of thinking and being if we don’t let go of our old ways of thinking and being.

You get to decide who you are every step of the way.

Who do you want to be today?


Believing in your magnificence,



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