What if it’s always been enmeshed with money? I’m referring to my self-worth here. It was always tied to money.  As a young adult, I had to choose a job/career that made money so that I had value. I had to earn degrees to prove my worth.

I never allowed myself to really believe I was ‘allowed’ to have it all. I always kept myself and my dreams small. Yes, I traveled to amazing places but I didn’t tie it to my lifestyle. I want travel to be part of my lifestyle- that it fits with my business and career goals – that it is a part of who I am and what I do- not an escape or one-off thing.

After my travels, I was different and instead of using that to fuel me to keep being different, I tried to conform, which led to depression. Depression, to me, is a suppression of our desires, our soul’s longing, and a way to keep ourselves small.

I don’t want that anymore. I chose to pursue my coaching certification because I wanted to help others in a powerful way and I wanted the lifestyle I had always dreamed of – freedom, flexibility, travel, and, dare I say, luxury?

Somehow, I didn’t fully commit as if I didn’t fully believe I deserved a life and lifestyle I loved. I thought I couldn’t do work I loved and get paid well to do it. I believed it was bad to want a nice car, a nice house, and a nice wardrobe – or that others could have that but not me. I held so tightly to scarcity, lack, and some distorted view of social justice – that I had to stay poor, broke, or just getting by so that I was one with those who were struggling. I wasn’t helping those who were struggling by struggling with them. I was helping keep them where they were.

If no one leaves the hive, the hive dies. I had it backwards. I had to leave, expand, grow, and increase my income so that they, too, could see they could do the same – that someone just like them had left the hive and had soared, blossomed, and prospered.

A part of me was ashamed to want luxury. That part of me looked at all the poverty, suffering, and injustice in the world, and said, who are you to want luxury- there are people who are starving and without access to clean water. You ungrateful bitch. These are the lies I chose to believe that came from the limiting beliefs I learned as a young woman from my family and society.

I am, and always have been, eternally grateful for all that I have, for all the gifts in my life – the blessing of education, family, a house, work, clean water, freedom, self-expression.

Wanting or desiring more does not equate to being ungrateful. Our desires are guiding us to grow, expand, evolve, and step into our power more fully. They are calling us to stop shrinking and to help others do the same.

It’s time to change the way you think. We have to leave our comfort zone- leave the beliefs we grew up with, leave the community that says – no one has even gotten rich so who are you to think you can?

Who am I to think I can’t?

When you rise, others rise.

I don’t want to be ashamed of my desires anymore. I want to wear clothes that are made with integrity and that make me feel beautiful. I want to travel to places that draw me to their wonder and beauty. I want to help others get out of their own way, reclaim their desires, step into their power, and do the work that has been placed on their heart. And, yes, I want to make great money doing it.

When I fully embrace abundance, I can reach more people. I can have a greater impact on others, and I can serve as an example of what is possible when you own your desires and your worth, know your value, and have unwavering faith that the work you do is needed.

Today, I take a stand for me and for everyone out there, who, like me, knows they are not here to simply go through the motions – who knows they are meant to do the work that only they can do, and by doing so, they are filling their soul, their bank account, and the lives of others.

I invite you to join me in my freedom revolution – freedom from scarcity, lack mentality, and limiting beliefs and freedom to be fully you and to let your perfect self-expression come out in the work you do.

Are you ready for your own self-revolution? To be YOU, unapologetically YOU, with your distinct desires and your unique gifts, talents, skills, interests, and strengths that are calling to be expressed in the world. It’s time.

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Believing in you,


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