What do you believe about yourself? When you make decisions throughout the day, are you choosing from the person you were or from the person you are becoming?

Making a simple shift in your mind to embrace the person you desire to be can make all the difference.

If you struggle with confusion and indecision, ask yourself, what would the me who has total clarity do?

If you are wrestling with lack and scarcity mentality, ask yourself, how would I act if I knew I always had money for all of my wants and needs?

If you struggle with a lack of confidence, ask yourself, what would my inner badass do?

We can choose how we want to be – we can play the victim and continue playing small or we can choose to be empowered and powerful.

The truth is we ARE powerful. We have just lost sight of it somewhere along the way.

I have always been a lover of language and am recognizing more and more the power of the words we use. They create our identity and our world.

Today (and every day). I encourage you to pay attention to how you talk about yourself (to yourself and to others).

Choose to be the most powerful version of you. Talk about yourself that way, make decisions that way, act that way, and feel that way. It makes an incredible difference.

If you’re ready to bring out the most powerful version of you, I have 2 spots open in my 1:1 90 day mentorship. This will give you the high-level support to break through your limiting beliefs, shift into a success mindset, take powerful actions that align with your desires, and will help you step into the most powerful version of you to increase your income, clarity, and confidence. That’s when everything changes. Curious? Book a call with me and let’s dig into what that looks like.

Sending you mad power,


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