My birthday is tomorrow. Remember the excitement of birthdays when you were a kid? You couldn’t wait – it was like another Christmas except now all the attention was on you. You received gifts, friends joined you for a party, and there were balloons and a cake. Who wouldn’t be excited? It seems, as we get older, our birthdays start to lose some of their spark. Sometimes birthdays can be reminders that we aren’t where we thought we would be at this point in our lives. This can stir up some sadness and frustration.

I’ve been there at different points in my life. We all choose different paths in life. Sometimes when we choose a path, we later discover it wasn’t the right path for us. Hence, we course correct. Many times the paths we choose come from outside of us – from the suggestions of school counselors, family or friends. At different points in our lives, we may doubt or distrust our own intuition and look to others to show us the way. This could look like pursuing a certain field of study, not necessarily because you are particularly interested in that area, but because it is said to be a high-paying industry.

The problem is we can make great money but if we aren’t fulfilled in our work, that money is a mere Band-Aid over a gaping wound. Doing meaningful work that we enjoy and that allows for the full expression of our gifts, talents, strengths, and skills provides a deep sense of purpose, which the mere accumulation of riches can’t do. I believe we are meant to use our gifts to do work that aligns with all of who we are and when we do this, we are wonderfully rewarded financially.

This requires a shift in ideology. We must fully believe the work we are meant to do, the work that requires expression through us, will indeed reward us well financially. This is where mindset work comes in. You have to believe it before you see it, not the other way around.

If you have work that is calling you but are unsure of the next step, or if you have taken some steps in your business but aren’t sure where to go now, I have a special offer for you.

Since it’s my birthday tomorrow (2/18), I have a present for you. I want to help you get out of confusion and doubt and into clarity and confidence in your business and life. I believe the world needs more people doing work they care about deeply and are being paid well to do. I want to help make that happen for more people, so starting today, I am offering you the opportunity to work with me at an incredible rate. Yay!

This is perfect if you are ready to jumpstart your business or resuscitate it. For an investment of $218, you will receive a 2-hour intensive coaching session focused specifically on where you are currently struggling. At the end of our session, you will walk away with a clear strategy, timeline, and powerful actions to take to move your business and life to the next level. You will also receive a personalized mindset practice. This program also includes a 30-minute follow up session two weeks after the initial session to check progress and make adjustments. During that two-week period, you will also continue to receive support via email. This is the perfect program for you to get unstuck, get moving, shift your mindset, and start kicking butt in your business. This is also the best rate I’ve ever offered, which I am excited about as I want to help as many new and aspiring entrepreneurs get out of analysis, into action, and make great money while doing it, as possible.

This offer ends on Wednesday, February 22, so if you think this might be for you, schedule a 10-minute call to ask questions, find out more, and see if this is a good fit for you.

Don’t let another year go by with that sense of ‘there must be something more than this’ brewing inside you. There is something more and you are meant for more. Let me help you get there.

Celebrating you,


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