Meditation to release fears, negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs

Sit in a comfortable position – either cross-legged or with legs straight. Sit on the edge of a firm pillow to support your lower back. Ensure all distractions are turned off. Set a timer for six-ten or more minutes.

For the first minute, focus on your breath. Count your inhalations and exhalations. Try to increase the length of your inhalations and exhalations to slow your breathing down.

Now that your awareness is focused on your breath, start the following meditation.

To begin the meditation, let your mind wander to thoughts that you desire to release – anything that is no longer serving you. This could be thoughts of scarcity of time, resources, opportunities or money, thoughts of isolation and loneliness, poverty mentality, thoughts of not being good enough, fear of success, fear of failure, victim mentality, shame, doubt, uncertainty- any thoughts that tend to stop your progress, immobilize you, or disempower you.

Go through each thought using the following phrases:
“I see you ______________. I thank you. I release you.”

Example: “I see you struggle. I thank you. I release you.”

I like to add, “I no longer need you,” as part of the mediation sometimes as well.

Continue repeating the phrase with different words and repeat words that are especially charged until the timer sounds.

Close the meditation by offering gratitude for this practice and for your newfound freedom.

You can complete this meditation while walking, driving, or sitting in a waiting room (eyes open, of course). Anytime a negative thought or self-criticism comes up, simply acknowledge it, thank it, and release it.

Notice how you feel afterward. Notice how you feel throughout the day. Notice if anything feels different. Congratulate yourself for completing the meditation and for prioritizing your mental and spiritual health and your mindset.

Our thoughts are powerful. We can choose to let them take us down or we can choose thoughts that support and empower us. I encourage you to be the master of your thoughts.