The world lost many amazing artists this year – David Bowie, for one, and just recently, George Michael. While I admire both of these musicians, I don’t know the details of their lives. What struck me, especially about George Michael, was his age. He died young and still had a lot of work left in his heart to complete. He was an incredibly gifted musician. He was a songwriter, producer and not only played guitar, bass, and keyboards, he also programmed the drums.

His death made me think about the work we are here to do. Music was his driving passion. Many times we keep our passions buried or we hide them behind a mask of confusion. We claim we don’t know or we might lack the courage to discover what it is. I lost my best friend to cancer when she was only 36. She had her share of undesirable jobs and unfulfilling work. In her early thirties, she went after the work she felt called to. She put herself through graduate school and earned her Master’s degree in Counseling. She was working as a therapist in a treatment center when she got sick. She was on the path to doing work she deeply cared about and was committed to.

Some of us never even start down the path. We stay in jobs that slowly drain our soul and spirit. We claim it’s not that bad or we simply check out. We may think it’s safe or comfortable. But how safe and comfortable is it if it is taking up your days doing work that leaves you feeling empty inside? We are not here simply to survive. We are past that. We are here to thrive – to use our unique talents, gifts, interests, skills, and strengths to do work that aligns with who we are.

We are meant for more than mediocrity. We are each meant to contribute something grand to the world in our own unique way. When we check out because we are disconnected from our work, from our dreams and desires, from ourselves, the world misses out. We each have our own brand of genius within us. Many times, we just don’t see it.

Isn’t it time to unleash your genius? What if 2017 could be your year? The year you came alive. The year you took action on your dreams. The year you pursued work that aligned with all of who you are. The year you invested in yourself and your desires.

You get to decide. You can keep doing the same thing, while expecting a different result but knowing deep down you will get the same thing you’ve gotten before. You can choose to try something different. You can choose to work with a coach to help you get further than you’ve ever gotten before. Your life and your dreams are worth it. You are worth it.


Enrollment for The Breakthrough Program, my 90-day one-on-one coaching program, is now open. This program will help you clarify your vision, break the vision down into a strategy complete with a timeline and action steps. We also work on the mindset and skillset needed to be the person doing the work you envision.  We also set up systems and structures to support you on your path to success. The best part is you have high-level accountability and expert support throughout the program to ensure you are progressing on your journey. Throughout the 90 days, we work ceaselessly towards your desired outcome to augment your success.

If you have ever wanted to accelerate your progress, now is your chance.

I’m excited to announce that I am offering this program at a special price for fast action takers. If you request your FREE Breakthrough Session with me to learn more about this program and whether it is a good fit for you before midnight on New Year’s Eve (12-31-16), your investment will only be $2200 (payment plans available). The price will be increasing to $2700 on January 1st.

Don’t let another year go by wishing for change, decide to make the change now. There’s nothing like working with a high-level coach to jumpstart your year, your career, and your life. It is one of the best investments you can ever make.

Learn more about The Breakthrough Program to see if it’s a good fit for you. Book your FREE Breakthrough Session to discuss what working together looks like.

Don’t keep settling, don’t keep burying your dreams and desires, don’t spend another day living a life that leaves you feeling hollow inside. It is time to wake up. It is time to come alive. It is time to step into your power. It is time to be courageous and go after the work and life you’ve always wanted. I can help you get there much more quickly.

Sending you decisiveness in your desires,


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